Should Everyone Go To College? Free Essays

Published: 2023-09-26
Should Everyone Go To College? Free Essays
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The debate about going to college still remains relevant and strong. On average, going to college is regarded as an effective investment that guarantees a better life for students. In the past, some were selected to go to colleges and others not to go. Currently, with that basic comprehension being irrelevant and inapplicable, there is an effective overreach aimed at the “case for college." Is the college worth it? For many students, going to college is never a decision but an inevitability. In the past years, the overall pinion has been if an individual can get into a college. Regarding the heightening cost of higher education, the public is beginning to question whether college is actually a worthy investment.

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It is emphasized that College-educated wages tend to have averagely higher wages; it may be inappropriate to downplay the strains that average income people undergo to attain a college education. A rise in the attendance of college is one of the significant public policy currently. However, some decent careers that may not need college degrees still exist; we definitely would want more individuals to go to college. Nonetheless, they provided the existing jobs and colleges currently. The strive for college degrees may end up being an inappropriate deal for various people. There is a need for a dash of relatively more realism in this discussion. Getting everyone to attend college is a heavenly fantasy that may not actually represent a reliable path to a better life in the future for several people and that college may not be the best option for everyone. However, if everyone attended college, there would be an increase in college graduates' labor supply; thus, the relative wages that identify the returns to college are likely to change.

The Article “should everyone go to college" published by Stephanie Owen and Isabel Sawhill clearly argues on the issues regarding college education among the public and its impact on the entire community; they also highlight both the advantages and disadvantages of going to college. Furthermore, the authors make a sensational claim that the college education is an effective investment that is bound to guarantee a better life in future for the students, and that the possible rise in the rise in college attendance tends to create a metaphorical earthquake with a magnitude that is likely to enhance more innovative ideas to be witnessed in the world. Moreover, the authors offer various evidence from other studies regarding the issue and their personal opinions and observations relevant to their claims.

According to Owen and Sawhill, the primary hypothesis for claiming that everyone should go to college is that an adequate literacy level helps to minimize the rate of crime in our societies significantly and that attending myriad college opportunities for an individual to help them live a better life. This essay will primarily refute the authors' claims and arguments by focusing on the various issues raised by their literary work. Even though the high increase in the attendances of colleges has brought many benefits such as the decrease in crime rate and enhancement of students’ life, college education are not in any way the only way to be able to attain a better life, especially when addressing the reasons provided by both Owen and Sawhill.

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