Free Essay: Edinburgh Financial Modeling and Optimization

Published: 2023-03-23
Free Essay: Edinburgh Financial Modeling and Optimization
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As an undergraduate student in Beijing-Dublin International College, Dublin, Ireland, I have become more and more aware of the quite complex challenges faced across the entire world, and more especially in the rising economies of China to international capacities, regarding the application of derivation financing, the carrying out of large scale allocation of asset, as well as portfolio optimization. Also, I have managed to realize some success alongside progress in the field of financing that will aid in the addition of some value to the economy during financial modeling and optimization for bettered decision-making processes. My desire to aid in the solution of the above problems emerging in the ever-growing Chinese economy as facilitated by my knowledge in mathematical modeling had encouraged me to pursue the finance degree program at UCD, Ireland, to gain enough information to tackle them effectively. Following the completion of the degree program, it came to my realization that for a more deepened solution of mathematical problems in the economy where optimization is required, I had to pursue a doctoral degree in Edinburg University to gain more insight and information based on matters of holistic understanding of financial derivatives, portfolio optimization in secondary market transactions, and finally the processes of carrying out the allocation of large assets with periodic rotation. Edinburgh University was chosen based on its reputation for the production of aptly trained financial modeling and optimization experts now distributed in the different fields of the world's most significant economies. Hopefully, I would like to be among such elites.

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My confidence in financial modeling and optimization was enhanced when, during my undergraduate studies at Beijing-Dublin International College, Chinese Campus, I managed to score 3.92 points out of the possible 4.2. Thus, I was honored to garner a first-class degree. I had learned some basics in the financial modeling and optimization field of financing. First, in the pursuit of understanding financial derivatives, I learned basic measurement theory through the foundations in Financial Mathematics and basic derivatives in financial economics. With the pursuance of the PhD program in your institution, I hope to study further Black-Scholes model theory alongside a stochastic differential equation with measure theory that will strengthen the understanding of pricing. Alongside this, I studied the elements of portfolio optimization that cover secondary market transactions since they help in avoiding systematic risks when applied in the economy. They are used in multi-objective planning. Its subdivisions are the short term and long term configurations.

Short term configuration studying furthered my understanding of simplex methods and linear programming applied in optimization. Such has prompted me to further my education in your institution to deepen the understanding of optimization theory, and more specifically, on Matlab. For the case of short term configurations, studies centered on applied econometrics alongside econometrics of financial market. In your institution, I hope to further my studies in a time series model on garch model family from both theoretical and programming perspectives. Also, as I intend to aid in the solution of economic problems surrounding asset allocations, I attended an internship where I experienced first-hand the importance of machine learning in the solution of short term asset allocation. Thus, I hope to learn more about the implementation and modeling of financial markets in your institution to add to my knowledge base in such an area. In the end, I will have gained holistic insight into machine learning for industrial applications in the economy. There is also a crucial area in carrying out a substantial allocation of assets. In such a, I have learned through internships that asset allocations in large scales, for actual markets, need a good foundation of asset pricing in macro markets alongside mathematics modeling. There is an area of mathematical modeling concerning stochastic control as well as dynamic asset allocation that i hope to further study in your institution. They will supplement the knowledge on advanced macroeconomics alongside financial economics gained at the undergraduate level for proficient large scale asset allocation in the economy.

The above educational qualifications, alongside the ones hoped for in your institution, will be well strengthened by the experiences of the application of undergraduate knowledge in the different fields. They include the fact that I have served as an assistant teacher, in 2019, in the field of applied econometrics to Suzana Studnicka who was the principal lecturer. There, I was able to apply mathematical modeling and optimization as I imbibed knowledge of other people. Also, I have served as an assistant teacher, in 2018-2019, where we taught macroeconomics course. I tutored some classes and solved the production Cobb Douglas differential equation in the simulation of the mathematics model for research purposes. I was also the researcher, from 2017- 2018, on the behavior finance course where there was a study of the relationship between investor sentiment and the stock market performance. I also used the time series and the VAR model to find the final results. In 2016-2017, I also did some researches on the analysis of the airline industry using the micro economy method, besides another research where there was an analysis of global market development. In such a case, I have applied the modeling and optimization knowledge in teaching and learning, thus gained some soft skills on their usage. Hence, further education in your institution will aid in deepening my understanding of financial modeling and optimization for full effectiveness when applied to solve the real-world economic problems, like those of the ever-expanding Chinese economy to an international scale.

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