Sexuality: The Impact on Society and People's Mindsets - Essay Sample

Published: 2023-11-24
Sexuality: The Impact on Society and People's Mindsets - Essay Sample
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A person’s sexuality is so significant that it affects their principals and personal traits (Hamer, 2020). Sex conditions the person's maturity progress and infusion into the community. In modern times, sexual matters are frequently discussed in social platforms. Sex has been uncontrollably exalted such that it has affected the general mentality (Hamer, 2020). Some teachers and moralists have contributed to a detailed understanding, while others encourage licentious hedonism. The contradicting teachings and moral criteria have led to a confusion of what people should term as good sex.

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According to Patti Britton, “Good sex is in the eye of the beholder, or the be-hander.” I agree with him because some people enjoy having multiple orgasms while others are fine with lasting for a few minutes. Communicating one's likes and dislikes is important if a couple desires to have great sex (Sens, 2020). By knowing oneself and their partner, a couple is more likely to have more erotic and explosive sex. Good sex focuses on pleasurable sensations. I believe having the right fit supersedes having a bigger size. However, good sex goes beyond perfect-fitting penetration. It involves foreplay like kissing, cooing, licking, and nibbling their erogenous zones, dry humping, and sensory play. Couples that have been in long-term relationships might have to schedule sex to eliminate conflict over desire differences. This makes sex more relaxing and more enjoyable. They can develop sensual rituals like massaging and showering together in anticipation of their encounter.

The four satisfying sex stages are excitement, plateau, organism, and resolution (Cirino, 2019). The timing and intensity of the stages vary from one person to another. In the excitement phase, the couple experiences increased muscle tension, vaginal moistness, increased breathing rate, and swelling of the scrotum. The physical changes escalate in the plateau stage. When experiencing an orgasm, the muscles involuntarily contract, sexual tension is released, and the uterus and penis contract rhythmically. Men must wait after an orgasm, while women can experience several orgasms with continued sexual stimulation. The body returns to normal function, and there is an increased sense of intimacy and well-being in the resolution phase. In my opinion, experiencing a physical-psychological loop of pleasure during sex means one is having good sex.

The most pleasurable type of sex is safe sex. It prioritizes healthy relationships, preventing STI's and planned pregnancies. Good sex may vary from person to person, but communication, foreplay, and scheduling are key. The four stages of pleasurable sex are excitement, plateau, organism, and resolution. They generate a physical-psychological loop of pleasure which makes sex to be satisfying. Satisfying sex is good sex.


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