Free Essay. Sexual Deviance in the Society

Published: 2023-04-24
Free Essay. Sexual Deviance in the Society
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Many people have deviant traits around them, but most of the time, we do not recognize them because those decisions are made unconsciously. Some of these challenging behaviors are things that we were taught at a young age, or they can be things that happened at our watch at that age. Equally, sexual deviant is no different, and it mostly results from a tragedy you saw happen or something you were taught to accept at that young age. This paper will account for sexual deviance in our modern society.

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Sexual deviant has been around since the start of time. It is evident because these offenses are recognized by the Christian bible. It is clear in genesis 9:6 God told Noah that anyone who sheds blood so will his blood be shade because God made human from his image. There is also evidence of early Greek used to banish offenders from their communities. It deprived the offender of the comfort and protection from the community. There is also evidence of the English law that they had endorsed in their colonies that all crimes will be banished rather than using capital punishment (Goodman, 2012).

According to a recent report, conformity deviance has been able to explain why people get involved in sexual deviance (Huck, el at.2017). In the report, the theory explained that many people would do just anything to fit in a group. For this reason, conformity can be positive or negative, given the acceptable behavior in a group or society. In juvenile cases, there is pressure from their peers in the groups to have sex for them to be legitimized in the group. While at that young age, some teenagers are way shy to approach a lady. When they aren't able to court a girl, they resolve to other measures like rape just to fit in a group.

The other issue is the assumption that men do not quit until its done. It is mainly an assumption associated with groups that any male who can't successfully court a girl is not a man enough. Because of the fear of being perceived as not being a complete man and probably being expelled from the group, these members take it to whatever means are available to have sex just to prove a point. Mostly this ends up in a person raping a female for them to be accepted in the group.

The other deviance in the theory of strain of typology explains why people engage in sexual deviance are ritualism. It's a theory that explains that human being has a common practice that they undergo on daily (Huck, el at.2017). Some tend to believe that this is a daily routine, and they cannot do without such habits in their contemporary life. Similarly, in the case of sexual defiance, some people think that sex is an essential requirement that they can't live without. In such cases, people take it way too far to satisfy their assumptions. mostly, these cases are prevalent in our modern life where a man will opt to sleep with her girl child just because his wife is not around. For instance, a man who is used to frequently having sex with her wife will most likely force himself to his social workers or just anyone around just to satisfy his routine. Mostly this will happen because most of the time, people hardly understand that our minds control our body. hence when this happens; they use their inability to control themselves as an excuse.

The other deviance in the theory of strain topology is the retreatism deviance that explains that at some point, people tend to reject the goals of the society and the legitimate method of achieving the goals. This deviance describes why people in the community would opt to have sex with their children and their parents. Yet they have a vast option of people who would satisfy them sexually. At such a point, these people have no much concern about where they are having sex with or whom they have it with what worries them much is how to satisfy their sexual drive. In such cases, children and parents are the readily available sexual objects that can satisfy these persons' sexual drive. Specifically, children's cases are common given their weaknesses and their innocence of what is happening.

Innovation deviance also explains why the drive for rape is higher in our contemporary society. According to the deviance, people tend to agree with the goals of sex but will ignore the legit ways of acquiring sex for whatever reason (Huck, el at.2017). Some people will want to have sexual pleasure at whatever place they are and at that specific timeline. While most of the time is not possible given the fact that you cannot walk around with your partner for sexual satisfaction, in case of need arises. Hence at some point, people tend to pick what is available regardless of whatever means will be used so long as their goal has been achieved.

For example, a truck driver will rape a lady. He has offered a lift in his track just because of it more comfortable to rape than to use the legit method. Such cases are widespread given the fact that most people rarely prefer the legit way of doing things because it takes time, and to them, the pleasure is more important than the offense that the other person incurs.

According to recent research, labeling theory explains how people can acquire certain behavior that are enforced to them by others (Bernburg, 2019). It is in cases where someone among as group happens to commit a rape case. When such a situation arises, the whole society assumes that the entire group are labeled as the rapist. They are feared, and the entire community wants nothing to do with the rest of them, yet the one who committed the act is being punished. In such cases, there is a likelihood that some of the group members may opt to just rape so as the label makes sense. Afterall the society recognizes them as the rapist, it would be no big deal.

The other is the theory of conflict where people will have conflict because of a lack of equality in social, political, or material in a social group (Clinard, & Meier, 2015). In this theory, a person would be tempted to rape a prominent person in the community just to get even. It is a pervasive case for people to use deviant behavior to get even with people they can't match due to the power they possess in society. It is not an ordinary case to see a governor's wife or daughter walking all alone in the street. It is because its likely people who don't like the governor may rape their daughter or wife to get even.

The other is the structural theories that state that deviant behaviors help to shape a society's moral values as it helps to separate the acceptable code of ethics or actions with the unacceptable in the society (Clinard, & Meier, 2015). It helps to explain in detail why some behavior is acceptable while others are not acceptable in society. In such a case, defiant sexual people are punished and imprisoned because they cause harm to other people. When any act that is harmful to another, society classifies it as unacceptable, and when it is beneficial, the community classifies it as acceptable.

Furthermore, deviancy can help society adopt a new way of life. For instance, in case there are increased rape cases around the community. The society will hunt down the deviant characters and punish them as well as rehabilitating them. When in such cases, the society might research on why these cases have been rampant in recent times. They may end up finding out that there are fewer security lights around their community, and also there is poor dressing code by society. When these are the findings, the community can now take measures to prevent any such scenario will ever happen again.

Rape cases are increasing day by day. In recent report, rape cases have significantly increased with years (Bernard,el at. 2015). Hence the society needs to find measures that will reduce the number of rape cases. Mostly this case is happening to the disadvantage people in the community like the disabled, old, and children. For this reason, the government has put in very harsh punishment in that rape can punishable with up to fifteen years of imprisonment and in other severe cases of raping a child below fifteen can land a jail term of twenty years. It is a suitable deterrence method against rape cases mainly because they create a lot of post-trauma to the victims of such claims.

The jail method is efficient in decreasing the cases in the community, given that it isolates the offender from society (van Den Berg, el at 2018). Furthermore, once the person is away from the community, there no chances of them being able to rape anyone else in the community. In doing this, the community can live peacefully without fear of their kids or themselves being raped by the offender.

The other reason why jail is vital for the rapist is the fact that they can be taken through rehabilitation programs that help them change and acknowledge their flaws (Rostaing, el at. 2015). Most jails offer these programs that help inmates to understand why raping is wrong and other options that a person could use to obtain sexual desires other than rape. In doing this, when offender's jail term is over, they can start a new life in society.

The other reason why the imprisonment of the rapist is essential is that it helps the victim to be able to recover from the ordeal (Held, 2015). It is because once the victim feels that the offender is no longer in the community, they can is because the person reminds them of what happened and in such a case they are not able to heal faster. Furthermore, given the fact that the experience was both physically and psychologically painful, and hence it would be easy to improve once there is no one to remind of the experience.

Even though imprisonment is aimed to make sure that such deviant actions do not occur to the community anymore, it is not always the case. In other instances, imprisonment becomes a motivating factor for the inmates to perform more defiant action (Klement, 2015). For example, when a rape inmate meets other inmates, it's improbable that they will talk to each other of how their behaviors were unnecessary and uncalled for. Instead, it is likely they are going to share their experience trying to argue which one was the best. In any case, there are always minimal chances that a person will change behavior if at all; they are complementing it rather than criticizing their actions. Once the offenders are out of prison, they are more likely to engage in the same act. Only that this time it will be to do like the other inmate and have the feelings they experienced.

The other disadvantage of imprisoning an offender is that prison life is harsh, and at other times its conditions do not necessarily promote change among the inmates (Klement, 2015). These conditions sometimes end up hardening the prisoners rather than rehabilitate them. In such a case, when such people are out of jail, they are most likely to perform a more dangerous crime or even engage in the same offense that got them to prison in the first place. For instance, if a person is imprisoned for raping a lady, they are most likely to have vengeful thoughts once their back into society because they feel that she is the reason he underwent all the struggles in prison.

The case of rape is susceptible and given the fact that in some cases, one can't tell really whether it was a rape or a mutual consent of both parties. In such instances, an innocent person may be imprisoned. When this happens, they get angry, and once their prison term is over, they may end up committing crimes of murder type in such of vengeance due to being falsely implicated on something they did not do. Such cases have been common, given that people with evil minds are using it to extort money in society.

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