Sex Selection and Homosexuality - Free Essay on Sex Education

Published: 2019-09-10
Sex Selection and Homosexuality - Free Essay on Sex Education
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Sex selection is the state where the use of biotechnology could determine the sex of an offspring. Various means could be used to dictate the sex of a child depending on the sex that the particular parents want. A number of reasons explain the reason as to why individuals would like to have a particular sex and not the available one (Wilkinson 18). Technology has been of great help in the effort to determine the sex of an offspring. The sex of an offspring could be selected before conception or after conception. Scientists have the ability to change the composition of the sex chromosomes to a point where only a particular sex could be found during conception. Using the same technology, biotechnologists have the ability to change the sex of an offspring after conception to the specific sex that the parents need (Sullivan 24). They mix up the hormonal composition to come up with opposite sex. Two possible outcomes could be found from the change, the child either become male or female. Parents could even decide not to accept the child that has been conceived out of unplanned sex. Biotechnology and abortion are the most popular means of sex selection that have been widely practiced.

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Sex selection is morally permissible to an extent depending on the nature of the action used. The parent has the right to get that that they want and could use technology to determine the sex of their child provided that they do not perform any criminal offense to humanity. A child would only be considered a child after conception. The sex chromosomes could not be considered a child until they are fused together to form the fetus. Technology could select the combination of chromosomes to bring the sex that is demanded by the parents (Sullivan 24). There is no criminal offense involved in the process of selecting the sex chromosomes that leads to the formation of sex needed. Every grown-up has the right to be what he or she would like to be. One could decide to change his or her sexuality by surgery and transfer of hormones. It would be immoral for one to perform an abortion when trying to select the offspring sex. It would be an immoral act to commit an abortion when trying to avoid a child of a particular sex. It religiously believed that God is the giver of life, and no human being has the obligation to take the life away. After conception, the fetus is counted as a human being and has the right to live and see future.

Should same-sex marriage be recognized?

In the religious perspective, same-sex marriage could not be recognized. It is believed that God created man and realized that man was lonely then He created woman from mans rib (Sullivan 24). It was a woman that was created from mans rib and not a man from mans rib. God made the two and commanded them to go and multiply in the world. Marriage between same sexes could not lead to the development of any offspring hence the will of God could not be accomplished through same-sex marriage (Wilkinson 18). Marriage is mainly for multiplication, and it could only happen if individuals get to marry from the opposite sex to enable reproduction. Socially it would not be right for the people of the same sex to get married to each other.

Society could only live to see the future if the current adults could decide to marry from the same sex. Same sex marriage is a culture that emerged in the middle age when the society lost track to the devil that made people ignore their culture (Sullivan 24). Every sex has a role to play in the society, and the roles are divided according to the ability depending on the sex of an individual. Most communities have given the male gender the responsibility to take care of the homestead and provide for the family. The females have the responsibility of giving birth and racing up the kids, and they also ensure food is cooked (Wilkinson 18). The roles above would not give any individual the opportunity to marry from the same sex since the society has to be complete. The ability of individuals to be either gay or lesbian could be caused by various factors that could be corrected before they could confidentially announce that they are not straight.

Is it permissible to deny homosexuals the opportunity to adopt?

Homosexuality is a social state where individual men get to have a desire for the same sex for sexual practice. Homosexuality is brought by either hormonal imbalance in the male body that makes them things of themselves to be either a man or female but just attracted to the females. Some individuals just have psychological problems that have led to the change of attraction towards the same sex (Wilkinson 18). Homosexuality should never be given the freedom to practice since it would be easy for them to influence other straight persons who could not sustain. For future of every community to exist, the act of homosexuality should not be allowed in any society (Sullivan 24). Those who are homosexual have a low dignity that they could not effectively help in the production of goods and services in the nation hence lower the production rate. It appears abnormal for an individual to get attracted to the same sex before the straight people in the society.

Should prospective parents be licensed?

The illegal act could not be licensed under the normal circumstance since it could promote the behavior. Various illegal activities in the society could not be stopped, but the government could not legalize them since they do not even exist in the constitution. Licensing the marriage between individuals of the same sex would develop various controversial reactions hence, it should just be assumed (Wilkinson 18). Some individuals would take the advantage of the situation to avoid their families (Sullivan 24). The issuing of license would lead to the increase of immorality in the society since it would be viewed as part of development. Individuals would, therefore, demand for other evil activities to get legalized hence destruction of the community.

What obligation do we owe to elderly or infirm parents?

Marriage between same sexes started in the middle age when the current older people had given birth to the current generation. The elderly had played a significant role in ensuring that there is future by giving birth through straight marriage (Sullivan 24). In their current situation, they could only sit and observe the society how people struggle to meet their daily needs. The role played by the infirm parents in maintaining morality in the society could not be matched by any leader in the present society. The level of immorality in the society has risen to a great degree that the elderly people would not love to witness (Wilkinson 18). The only obligation that is owed to elderly people is the maintenance of moral that they left. The legacy that was left by the elderly people should be maintained for the better future hence makes them a bit happy. Elderly people tend to behave like children, and they require attention just like young children do. Every elderly person would only be happy if they see the sign of good future in their children hence the young people should work towards bettering their life in a moral manner.

What obligations do we owe to the future generation?

Future lies in the todays success, everyone that would like to have a better future has to start making it today. The efforts that are made today by various individuals are meant to make for the society a better tomorrow. The future generation, therefore, depends on the behavior of the contemporary people. If the current people have refused to reproduce through opposite sex marriage, it would not be possible to have future. It is the young babies that are born today that grow to make the ladies and gentlemen of the future (Sullivan 24). Those who insist in getting married to the same sex are considered the greatest enemy of development. Development requires continuity, and that could only be brought up by reproductive marriage between people of different sexes (Wilkinson 18). For the future to exist, the current individuals have to consider reproduction and not sexual immorality that does not bring any continuity. It is a standard population that leads to the quality production of goods and services in the society. The present people are, therefore, obliged to help the future leaders have a healthy society with high standard morals.

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