Free Essay: Christian Actions on Environment Preservation and Restoration

Published: 2017-11-14
Free Essay: Christian Actions on Environment Preservation and Restoration
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Care for the environment is one of the most significant problems facing the world today. Every person is affected in one way or the other by the condition of our natural surroundings and the disorder of our natural resources. In our everyday activities, we end up influencing the wellbeing of our rich natural heritage. In most cases, we are ignorant on matters pertaining environment due to selfish desire and forget that the same environment we live in will affects the future of our nations, our children and even our great grandchildren. The future generation relies on how wise we can manage the environments we live in. it is, therefore, reasonable for people to take the proverb ‘we do not take over the earth from our parents but we borrow it from our children.’ If you are in a position of a borrowed thing, you need to take care of it and retain its state such that the owner will be pleased that the thing he rendered to you is still in a good state.

This essay examines Christian’s ecology and espouses the necessity for having firm principles of environmental stewardship among Christians. Due to environmental crisis all over the world, it demands the society to join hands in preserving and restoring the state of the surroundings. Christians should be at the forefront since God created the earth and as His children, there is need to uphold and protect the mighty work of creation. However, this has not been the case despite God giving a man power over all the other creatures on earth. A human being activity leads to climate change, high water and air pollution, land and habitat degradation, issues of waste management and deforestation among other effects. Therefore, to control and restore our environment Christians are advocating for programs aimed at preserving and save the environment from selfish people. The church has a biblical directive for environmental care, sustainability, and justice.


1) Introduction: What specific action(s) should Christians take regarding the environment and its preservation or restoration?

2) Claims and grounds

a. Leadership development

b. Science and technology control

c. Learning programs

d. Charity work

e. Engage in mobilizing people to use renewable sources of energy and fuel

f. Lobbying government

3) Rebuttals

4) Conclusion

Christian Actions on Environment Preservation and Restoration

Environment started with the creation of earth and God assigned Adam and Eve a responsibility to look after His creation. Today the rate at which environmental degradation and depletion are taking place is an issue of concern to all people. Man’s activities and some natural occurrences combined have affected nature negatively such that the effects have affected God’s creation in an advanced way. For example, man’s demand for energy, generation of waste products, mining and eruption of volcanoes are some of the factors that are widely affecting the environment. People regardless of their religion affliction, social status and race have experienced the severe consequences of such activities. Since the first people, Adam and Eve, were commanded to look after God’s creations, their descendants should embrace the responsibility (Sleeth, 2011). In fact, man cannot do without the physical surroundings and therefore, any recklessness with the way they utilize the environment will subject people to unexpected devastating effects.

Between 35th and 40th Earth Day anniversary celebrations, Christians integrated with other environmental organization to spearhead a campaign against environment degradation and since then they have remained as active participants of such campaigns (Julien, 2012). In recent years Christians all over the world regardless of their denominations have become involved in protecting and preserving creation more than ever before. From the book of Romans.8:18-23 the bible teaches that God is not only saving his people but also restoring the entire creation. The same way Christians express their love for their Savior by teaching the scripture to those in need, we trust that we should show our love to the Creator by taking care of His creation (Stivers, Gudorf & Martin-Schramm, 2012). As Christians, they are a number of activities one can engage into and express their concern for creation with an aim of either preserving or restoring the environment.

Leadership development

The problem of uncertainty in leadership among church leaders especially on issues of environmental preservation indicates that there is something missing missing in the way Christian leaders are brought up. There is a lot Christian leaders need to know on issue of biblical environmentalism. As a Christian, one should be God fearing and obey the scripture. Therefore, there is need to hold education forums where leaders undergo training such as seminars. In such forums, it is necessary to include environmental evangelism and ethics. The alarming cases of pollution, desertification, and other issues affecting nature negatively today need to be addressed from all corners of the society. The Bible says, “My people get lost due to ignorance.” As a leader you should act to enlighten others but to do so you must learn and practice what you are about to pass to other Christians. In Ephesians 4:11-15 Christians are expected to prepare , guild and lead God’s people in serving which include service to God in relationship to the environment.

Science and technology control

From the Christian teachings, God intentions were to have a conducive and friendly environment where humans would enjoy and appreciate God’s mighty work of creation. After God affirmed that everything He created looked great He asked Adam to look after the Garden of Eden and Adam’s descendants were to adhere to that command. Today, men are the real cause and the prime destructive strength when it comes to the exhaustion of the environment. The science and technology advancement can destroy everything covering the earth in a blink of an eye if not well controlled and utilized. Does this mean that Christians should oppose science and technology? It does not make sense to object advancement in technology but it is believed that some of the invention made by humans are likely to end the world. It means that man continues to endanger their lives and the environment they live in by engaging in activities such creation of nuclear bombs, pollution, and deforestation among others. Therefore, Christians should campaign against such destructive activities and create awareness among scientist that it is not recommendable to spend resources just to create mass destructive devices with an aim of destroying what God took the time to create.

According to Isaiah 45:18 God made the earth to be inhabited. Therefore, at no point should one assume that earth was an accidental phenomenon. Earth was given value and it needs to be reserved to retain its beauty just as God intended. In fact, after God finished creating the earth he looked at it and He was pleased by His work. It means that any destructive activity will make the earth imperfect and God will be annoyed with human since they were given power over any other creature on earth. As a Christians, one should be an example to the world and be at the forefront to campaign for suitable living practices that are friendly to the environment. It means that Christian should act as ambassadors of a sustainable environment. Even though man has continued to invent and create product with an aim of making his life better it is believed that his knowledge in science and technology might end up sweeping away the entire world. Christians should therefore act as brow whispers where industries pollutes the environment.

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