Free Essay on Get a Franchise of Chick A Filet

Published: 2019-05-22
Free Essay on Get a Franchise of Chick A Filet
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I have been in a mortgage industry for 18 years. Although it has allowed me to be financially stable, I began looking for a change. One of my clients mentioned that it was possible to get a franchise of Chick A Filet. It sounded intriguing and interesting, so I started researching and looking into this option. Finally, I have realized that I am ready to change my occupation, challenge myself to something new and succeed at it. Thus, I have begun my application.

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Serving in the US Navy has been the biggest accomplishments of my life so far. During my service, I was able to test my potential and push myself to the limits in order to discover the strong sides of my personality I had never suspected to have in me. I was showing great results and aptitude when training and working in a team. It was then when I came to realization that I could lead and inspire people. It was also then when I found out all about the homeownership benefits, and have been educating veteran students at a local college about their home loan guarantee benefits. I was able to buy two houses with this benefit, as well as help hundreds of veterans yield the benefits off it. I take no financial gain from this, as I consider it to be a pay-it-forward duty. However, this has helped me realize that I am skilled at giving motivational speeches, cooperating with people and address their concerns.

I would not lie if I said that I am used to comfortable life. I have been always working hard, and in so doing provided for myself and my family. Now is the time I have to think about the future more than any time before, and I know that I would like to retire into comfort and help my family all the same. Therefore, owning and running a franchise seems a perfect option for me. I know that I am equipped to take on this responsibility. Moreover, after researching on Chick A Filet, I see that this business supports its franchise owners, and this makes me want to cooperate with such a responsible and partner-oriented business.

I have spent most of my life being a mortgage consultor. However, the time comes when one needs to get out of their comfort zone and lay a stronger foundation for the future. I am looking for a change in my occupation, and, with a few years left until my retirement, I would like to put my best efforts into making the path Ive chosen when started applying for a Chick A Filet franchise successful. I care for my family and am confident that I can make it work. My personal benefit from owning this franchise will include financial profit, stability, comfort, and securing my and my familys future; whereas the Chick A Filet business will gain a responsible, goal-oriented, driven and skilled professional adept to working with people and overcoming various obstacles on the way to success.

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