Essay Sample on Analysis of Amazon Code of Ethics

Published: 2022-11-09
Essay Sample on Analysis of Amazon Code of Ethics
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Amazon is one of the most profitable companies in the contemporary world. The success was achieved through strict adherence to a set code of conduct that ensures all employees work according to industry standards with the aim of realizing the company's vision. Amazon's code of conduct involves five significant clauses: conflicts of interest, individual conduct, discrimination and harassment, privacy and confidentiality and reporting and communication.

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The code states that the individual conduct of every employee must be professional. Violent behaviors such as fighting, cursing, gambling among others are strictly prohibited from Amazon employees. On conflicts of interest, the code states that no employee should use their job position or knowledge gained from Amazon for his or her own advantage. The employees must be honest and always work for the best interest of Amazon. On discrimination and harassment, employees at Amazon must not engage in sexual harassment or any other form that infringes on the rights and privacy of other individuals. On privacy and confidentiality, it is strictly prohibited to use any personal information collected from the customers for any other purpose. All employees are tasked to keep customer details confidential and to disclose them without prior consent. On reporting and communications, employees at Amazon must keep accurate records and report to their specific superiors to allow the company to keep and report accurate data regarding its assets and liabilities.

All employees had to sign and agree to the code at the commencement of their job contracts. I think that the employees will follow the code of ethics because it provides the ground rules of engagement and clearly states what one should do and what to avoid. The Amazon's code of ethics contains strategic examples that are helpful. For instance, there is an example of sexual harassment in the code's clause on discrimination and harassment. The illustration shows a specific issue of harassment that could breed trouble in any gender-sensitive environment. The code also states gambling, cursing, fighting, drinking and swearing as examples of improper individual conduct.

Employees are expected to have fundamental values of honesty and trust. Honesty ensures that they are ambassadors of the company and work diligently to achieve the organizational strategies. Trust serves as the channel between Amazon and the customers. The customers trust that the company will deliver quality products as requested in its various online platforms. The company does not provide a specific communication plan to ensure employees abide by the code of conduct. However, the values and aspects of the code are ingrained into Amazon's organizational culture and thus employees obliviously adapt their conduct to the fundamental tenets of the code.

Every aspect of the code makes perfect sense. Each of the clauses is avidly explained to ensure comprehension and general positivity towards the company. Furthermore, the code is founded on leadership development where Amazon seeks to develop the leadership qualities of her employees thus strengthening the decision-making process. I consider the code ethical because it is line with the ground principles of human morals. The code provides a means of evaluating employee behavior and its resultant implication on the employee and the company at large. I do not consider the code to be a legal contract between the employee and the employer. This is because the code is based on moral principles and not laws of the land. Furthermore, an unethical act may not be entirely illegal, and thus the code has no legal binding between employee and employer.

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