Paper Example. Service Error Recovery Strategy

Published: 2023-04-18
Paper Example. Service Error Recovery Strategy
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As the marketing manager, I believe that Mr. Michael Fitzgerald has every right to complain about his tribulations. The double booking error committed by the ticketing operation for the Cincinnati Devils basket team had cost him a great deal. While the error was not anyone's in the making, as an organization, we must always take responsibility for such mistakes, whether technical or human errors. The complainant is justifiably requesting compensation. As much as his demands seem outrageous, I believe that he ought to be refunded for the money he used for the reservation that he never had, and he also needs free complimentary tickets to make amends with his client, who was disappointed and to try and do the business (Musante, 2007). Mr. Fitzgerald should also get free of charge at least once this year as this would pacify him, given that he is a seasonal customer and fan.

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The consideration that should be put in check while approving his compensation is the degree of embarrassment that he must have undergone, especially hat he had invited nine of his best customers to this favorite sport. The magnitude of compensation must also examine the value of the ruined business deal that he had hoped to strike with his business partner, Mr. Moriarty (Musante, 2007). The ticketing firm must seem to make amends and to ensure that he reconnects with the customer and to show concern and apologize for the costly errors on their end.

The general feeling by Mr. Jim Riley, who is the general ticketing manager, is that the demands of Mr. Fitzgerald are outrageous. However, the threats notwithstanding, if the customer was to make a public slur or outcry about his ordeal on social media, this should taint the image of the entire organization. Therefore, Mary should call Mr. Fitzgerald and explain to him all the available options. In the principles of management and customer relations, perhaps she should convince him to a staggered compensation arrangement with some offers taken over the following year, given that the current premium tickets are sold out (Silber et al., 2016). The bottom line, in this case, is to ensure that there is an agreement reached even if it means calling upon him to visit the offices for further discussion. The danger of a single disappointed customer is that t may spiral over to others, especially coming from the point whereby the company grapples with revenue and profit drives.


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