Servant Leadership - Free Essay with Leadership Analysis

Published: 2019-07-17
Servant Leadership - Free Essay with Leadership Analysis
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According to (Greenleaf & Spears, 2002) servant leadership is a attitude and set of practices that creates ultimate caring and just world, enriches people and building organizations. The movie Harry Potter is the best film that every leader should watch if they lookout to learning and understanding how great servant leadership knowledge can be put into action. An example of a servant leader is Abraham Lincoln. Lincolns events throughout the US Civil War are always cited as major examples of servant leadership performance. Lincoln chose decided to go the hard way rather than the easy way, which was letting slavery remain dominant and letting the Union disband. He chose the hard way because it was more beneficial to the people he was serving even if they did not appreciate it at the particular time. Dr. Martin Luther King is an example of a recent servant leader. He took over the leadership role and supported the non-violent approach in the Civil Rights and Movements knowing that the approach was very hard. What mattered to him was that the approach would be of much benefits to the people he was serving. His desire was to be remembered for his fight against social injustice but not for accolades and the prizes, he won.

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According to (Ghuman & Aswathappa, 2010).servant leadership is based on the code that the leader is the serves the people that he or she leads. These leaders have an aspiration to lead second and serve first. As we watched the movie Harry Potter, we discovered some characters that a servant leader should pottery; these characters are listening, empathy, healing, awareness, persuasion, conceptualization, foresight, stewardship, commitment to people growth and community building

Organizational Leadership

Iron Lady is another movie that has leadership skills and any leader can acquire organizational leadership knowledge by watching this movie. The movie has focuses Margaret Thatcher life as a strong and powerful leader in the United Kingdom. It goes through the life of the Prime Minister from the time that she engaged in politics and after office, covering both political and personal life showing her leadership characters at the same time. Margaret Thatcher is acknowledged as the first woman to become the prime minister of UK and I did not know about her skills in leadership until I watched the Iron Lady movie, it elaborates some of the best organizational leadership skills. As illustrated in this movie effective organization leadership needs determination, as the people involved are many, confidence and strong association building. Many expect that good leaders have the traditional qualifications like organization skills, strong communication, technical competence and good vision but makes an outstanding organizational leader is self-determination (Schriesheim & Neider, 2006). By not incorporating self-determination in their day-to-day leadership, many leaders have lost their visions. Numerous organizations fight unsuccessful leadership and yet they have always invest less in helping other people comprehend the leadership skills (Bertocci, 2009).


Good Organizational leadership is necessary for any business endeavor to be suceessful Best skills that a perspective leader wishes to acquire so as to run the organization effectively and achieve success are portrayed in the movie Iron Lady. Margaret Thatcher privatized several other countrys state owned organizations and led the United Kingdom into Falklands War. Even though she separated sentimentalism during her leadership, the impact on socioeconomic structure that she left behind is undeniable.

A servant leader focuses on the the well being and growth of the community and the people to which they belong. Unlike traditional leadership, which generally involves the growth and the exercise of control by the ones at the top position, servant leadership is different as it involves the leaders serving the people whom they serve. Servant leaders put the needs of their people first a, share powers, helps people to develop and perform highly as possible


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