Essay Sample on Marilyn Monroe

Published: 2017-08-11
Essay Sample on Marilyn Monroe
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Marilyn Monroe was born in Los Angeles a town which is a home to many stars. She was loved by many fans who never knew how unhappy her personal life was.

Her life was not perfect and she did not live with her family which had psychiatric problems that were so severe. She lived with a foster family that was cold and rigid, the family did not accept her as a full member of the household, and this scared her a great deal.

When she was six, she decided to go back to live with her mother who had a mental breakdown after nine months. She then lived with many foster homes all of which were not nurturing.

It was not a surprise that Marilyn's personal life was hard and since she wanted to be loved and accepted, she married her first husband at 16 years who was her neighbor; unfortunately, the marriage lasted for three years which was the first of many.

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