Free Essay: Neutral Models for the Analysis of Broad-Scale Landscape Pattern

Published: 2022-06-08
Free Essay: Neutral Models for the Analysis of Broad-Scale Landscape Pattern
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The primary purpose of Neutral models is to generate the future expected system behavior of a certain and specific process that is likely to affect that system. The paper seeks to explain neutral model during the analysis of broad-scale landscape patterns.

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Question #1 problems encountered during the study

Some of the challenges encountered during the study were choosing a uniform area and ensuring the map size remain within the required boundary. The area is determined by geographical factors such as soil, climate and geology.

Question#2 materials and method used

The scientist utilized percolation theory during the study to develop neutral landscape models. The primary reason why the theory was chosen is that, the data was to be objectively and purposely compared to random movements and patterns. If the size of the map is increased, the possibility of encountering the limits for habitats range increases.

Question # 3 limitation of neutral models

Extreme climatical changes is one of the disadvantages of the method. Also, arriving at the recommended map size in which the habitat of study is rare. Furthermore, disturbance arising from external forces were common during the study.

Question#4 statistical method applied

Chi square and ANOVA were some of the statistical techniques utilized during the study. Techniques played a role in determining and comparing the variables in a contingency table to determine if they differ from each other.

Question#5 Correction of problem encountered during the study

Neutral model requires proper site selection to minimize external interference. Geographical factors such as type soil and topography play a huge role and for that reason, site selection should be selected based on those factors.

Question#6 how data supported the predictions

The data support the prediction of the results in the following manner. The information was utilized in determining the probability of having effective findings and possible source of errors likely to undermine the desired results. With the help of the data, proper site section was selected.

Question #7 conclusion

The system is effective and it gives almost accurate results. With a proper consideration of undermining factors such as climate and type soil, the method is likely to give a clearer and desirable findings.

Question#8 implication of the study

Neutral models have a significant role if well utilized in reducing environmental pollution. Water and air pollution are common in the countries without appropriate measures of controlling the waste. With the knowledge of neutral models, these states can control further environmental contamination.


Gardner, R. H., Milne, B. T., Turnei, M. G., & O'Neill, R. V. (1987). Neutral models for the analysis of broad-scale landscape pattern. Landscape Ecology, 1(1), 19-28.

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