Behavioural Health Services for Bipolar Disorder, Essay Sample

Published: 2022-02-21
Behavioural Health Services for Bipolar Disorder, Essay Sample
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Bipolar Disorder is characterized by unusual mood shift, irregular energy, changes in levels of activity, and the capacity to be involved in daily tasks (Peele, Axelson, Xu, & Malley, 2004). Bipolar disorder is also referred to as manic-depressive illness which has severe symptoms as the extreme mood swings can cause issues in relationships, job performance or even cause suicide. There are various behavioral health services for bipolar disorder as discussed in this paper.

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The Use of Assessment Procedures

In the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM), some guidelines must be followed to detect Bipolar disorder. Symptoms must be severe, and there must be a focus on severity, length, and frequency of mood swings (Evans-Lacko, Reis, Kastelic, & Riley, 2011). An interview must be conducted by the health professional where questions are asked about family and personal history of mental disorders. There are multiple types of bipolar disorder ranging in severity, length, and frequency (Evans-Lacko et al. 2011).

A maniac episode will have an extended period of extreme joy, but will still be extremely irritable (Evans-Lacko et al. 2011). The behavioral changes include the inability to focus on one topic and mind continually racing, easily distracted, overly restless, possibly insomnia, impulsive acts, believing in abilities that are not realistic, and being involved in risky and pleasurable be behaviors. A depressive episode includes extended periods of sadness and lack of enjoyment in actions that were once enjoyed by the affected person. The changes in behavior include tiredness, a sense of slowed down, concentration issues, memory issues, decision-making issues, restlessness, irritability, thoughts or attempts of death or suicide.

Focusing on the impact on activities of daily living (ADL) and other functioning limitation, the events are all altered by this condition. The severe mood swings could destroy the relationships of an adolescent with his peers or a professional with his boss or coworkers. Without treatment, many social aspects will be altered and could, in turn, cause the person with bipolar disorder to slip further into the swings of bipolar disorder (Evans-Lacko et al. 2011).

Systematic Treatment Enhancement Program

There is a Systematic Treatment Enhancement Program for Bipolar Disorder that describes treatment. STEP-BD is a long-term outpatient study designed to determine the most effective treatment method for the episodes of mania and depression and to prevent the recurrence of them (Evans-Lacko et al. 2011). Some medications can control the signs of the disease. Due to different responses to the medications by different people, there is a need for trying different types of medication to find the most suitable one (Peele et al., 2004).

Therapeutic Specific Services

There are a few treatments that can be used to help the disorder, but most of the procedures fall under the umbrella of psychotherapy. The treatments that incorporate Therapeutic Recreation are family-focused therapy, which involves family members being involved with the person with the disorder and as the mood swings come to address them. The other is social rhythm therapy, just setting a daily schedule to protect against the diseases and for TR to be involved there must be some therapeutic recreation during that regular schedule (Peele et al., 2004). Forms are filled at a behavioral health services facility to ease access to services. These forms include the initial intake forms along with personal information forms. Financial and household information are to be given as well along with their health information and insurance information. The client is asked to fill a questionnaire out for themselves and if they live in the current state and whether or not they're employed or if they're married. If the client is not employed, they need to give reasoning of why. The facility may allow the client to stay at the center for a limited amount of time. While staying there, clients learn how to live on their own and to go to their therapy meetings.


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Peele, P. B., Axelson, D. A., Xu, Y., & Malley, E. (2004). Use of medical and behavioral healthservices by adolescents with bipolar disorder. Psychiatric Services, 55, 12, 1392-1396.

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