Scholarship Application, Essay Example

Published: 2022-03-14 07:17:55
Scholarship Application, Essay Example
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Since I was in elementary school, I have taken a leading role in different capacities over the years. I was the class monitor through my early schooling, organizing my classmates for group work and maintaining cleanliness, calm, and discipline in class. My teachers trusted me to report any cases of indiscipline among the students, while my fellow pupils respected me for being their keeper. My leadership approach since that time was leading my example. As the class monitor, I exhibited the highest level of discipline and hard work which made me an exemplar pupil in the class. Due to the leadership skills that I portrayed through the years, I was appointed the school captain in my 9th grade. This task further challenged me to reciprocate the trust that both students and instructors had in me. The rewards and accolades in received from the school and the state for being an exemplary student leader are attached in this application. My flame of leadership has never gone out. While in the university as an undergraduate, I played an active role as an advocate for equality among all student profiles, participated in anti-racism campaigns and supported my fellow students seeking elective posts in students' political bodies. I have also been a secretary general for two different professional bodies after my graduation from the university.

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As a leader in the professional body, I advocated for quality services to the public. I often put the government to task by asking the elected leaders to put services over their personal interests. I and my fellow leaders occasionally sat in high-stake panels making policies that affected the community. For example, in 2016, the state had invited our professional body leadership to a conference in Seneca to discuss the possible implications of a health care scheme it was rolling out the following year. As it was, the scheme aimed at benefiting citizens in higher tax group only despite the high number of citizens in the state belonging to lower tax groups. My contribution to the amendment of the original draft saw over 1000 families benefit from this scheme once it was rolled out in 2017. I believe that service to humanity is service to God. I would not hesitate to give my contribution to any course that brings positive change to the society when called upon or when I feel the need to

I am a believer of unity in diversity. I personally admire the diversity that exists in our nation, and how it challenges us to live together. Throughout my school and social life, I have interacted with people hailing from myriad ethnic, sexual, gender, and professional backgrounds, appreciating all and sundry. In particular, I have made friends with people from a different ethnic background than mine. In the process, I have realized that the humanity that exists in all of us is one, and the skin color should not put us asunder. My strong belief of unity in diversity allows me to uplift my brothers and sisters, having in mind that every one of them possesses something that I do not have, and my constructive interaction with them is the only way of harnessing their abilities to my advantage.

I have had many life experiences but growing up with a sibling suffering from type 1 diabetes has always been a challenge to me and my family. My sister was diagnosed with this disease at the age of five and she has put up a strong fight since then. Sometimes I would be forced to be with her at the hospital bedside when she was admitted. Her resolve to fight the disease has made me strong to face other life challenges. I managed to overcome the emotional burden of seeing her suffer from the disease by confiding in my mother and reliable friends.

My support system is anchored in religion, friends and family. I have a very supportive church family who I expect to play a central role in my education. I expect them to stand up for my needs as they may arise. My family has always been pivotal, and I expect them to be by my side in case I face any challenge. Lastly, I have a big circle of friends that I call upon in case I need urgent help.

My short term goal is to be an example to other applicants from poor families willing to win this scholarship. I believe that my success will greatly motivate them to apply for it. My long term goal is to become a distinguished social worker with elaborate connections that would facilitate the execution of relevant community projects with minimal input of the government. Pursing this scholarship is my plan for achieving my short term goals. On the other hand, I wish to make friends from philanthropic bodies that will form part of my elaborate network of partners. Coupled with the skills I will attain through education, this network will help me achieve my long term goals of service to the society.

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