Essay Example on Technologies Increasing Human Lifespan

Published: 2022-04-01 09:08:19
Essay Example on Technologies Increasing Human Lifespan
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How I feel about human beings living up to the age of 115

The idea of human beings living up to the age of 115 years and above may seem to be a little strange to some individuals, but it is very possible with the main regard to how we live and the type of lifestyles that we possess. This will acts majorly as the main determinant of our age limits and in any case that its carried out positively then the living age may as well go as long as over 115 years. In late 1960, the research showed that the oldest person was at 111 years and the figure increased in 1990 when the oldest person according to research carried was at 115 years, and this showed that with proper control the life determinant factors then human being can most probably live beyond the 115 years. This according to me seems so possible even though the scientist has stated the oldest person is not likely to go beyond 115 years. But with healthy living and through consumption of a proper and the required diet and carrying almost all the life required measures than through the help of God to the human beings will live beyond the expected maximum age limit.

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Do I see this as a realistic scientific goal or one that can be perceived as improbable within the near future?

According to the research carried out, the scientific, health knowledge, and the determinant of life limit the n according to my knowledge this is a most a realistic scientific goal and not one that can be perceived to be almost impossible. The main factors that will ensure this is achieved shortly are the type of the lifestyles that one will live and mostly depend on the diet of a particular to ensure that the maximum age limit is obtained.

What technologies exist and which need to be in place to ensure the human lifespan and thus to increase the human lifespan?

Several technologies existed, and various technologies are being put in place in place to ensure that the human lifespan is increased. The already existing technologies include:

Technology in food production and distribution

The above technology has been to increase the food availability in the world, which can enable to keep up the ever-increasing population. This is so important as food is described as the main determinant of the human lifespan. The technology has also been used to bring about food that is more nutritious and produce food that contains almost all the required ingredients and a properly balanced diet for human beings to ensure that they live a healthy life.

Dr. Guarente explains why technological breakthroughs away from achieving this goal. What do think these technological advances are?

The main technological advances talked of here which can assist in achieving the goal is most likely to include the

Technological advances in medicine and health care

This technological advance has helped in saving many lives and has been acting as one of significant tool to ensure that a longer lifespan is achieved. It has also helped in the improvement of the health science and the human medicine which is very vital for sustaining the precious human life and therefore increasing the lifespan of various individuals.

Technological advance in agriculture

The agricultural technological advances have played a very big role in improving the agricultural sector leading to better yields and outputs. This has ensured that there is provision of enough food, which is the main source of good health. Therefore the technological advances have substantially played a very important role in improving the human lifespan.

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