Free Essay Example on Russian National Security Strategy

Published: 2022-02-16
Free Essay Example on Russian National Security Strategy
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The Russian Federation's National Security Strategy is a document depicting the strategic plan of the security of Russia, including the interests, objectives, actions, and measures in the context of internal and international policies which are aimed at building the cohesiveness of the national security and making sure that there are long-term sustainable measures. While the main interests are for the development of the country and the neighboring region, there are some provisions which could prove to a threat to security around the country.

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Provisions that Foster International Development

The provisions on economic growth could be considered as the best with regards to creating a platform for both internal and international cooperation. In that case, the first is provision 62 which aims at strengthening economic security using various government agencies. Under the same, the intention is to create a robust economy and an environment that would encourage entrepreneurial activities among the citizens. As it happens, that would create leeway for developing contacts with international businesses, hence attracting international investors to the country where private businesses and the state would have joint projects. As such, there would be an extended market for Russian products, thereby making it easier to deal with the regulations that take place in the global market. Besides that, a provision catering for the safe and legal entry of all immigrant workers, while considering their religious and cultural variances, their ethnicity, and linguistic origin would foster international cooperation, especially with the origin countries of the migrants (Russian Federation, 2015).

The second provision under the economic category is number 65 which is about the creation of measures which would reduce differences at the regional level with regards to having socioeconomic development by carrying out internal infrastructural, settlement, and manufacturing development as that would also encourage other countries within the region to develop in the same manner, thereby having regional cooperation (Russian Federation, 2015). The third provision is number 83 which is under the category of ecology and the use of natural resources. It is about having strategic goals of providing for environmental safety and the rational use of environmental resources by ensuring there is minimal damage to the environment, hence contributing towards the sustained efforts of reducing global warming. At the same time, the efforts would be beneficial towards creating a regional environment that would be conducive for business activities (Russian Federation, 2015).

The fourth category of provisions is that on equal strategic partnership where the intention is protecting the interests of the country through foreign policies that enable the presence of a stable system for guiding the matters on international relations. The basis of these policies is guided by international law and also takes into regard concepts of mutual respect, not interfering in the internal affairs of other countries, cooperating with other states for mutual benefit, and taking part in settlements meant to bring about political peace in situations of crises. The state government would increase collaboration with its partnering economic blocs through provision 88, including RIC, BRICS, and the Shanghai Cooperation Organization. From provision 90, the state is for the promotion of Collective Security Treaty Organization for the sake of countering any international challenges based on military and political threats, including extremism and terrorism, drug and human trafficking, or threats within the sphere of information (Russian Federation, 2015). The fifth category is the one on making sure that there is national security through territorial defense. Provision 41 states that defense is also about the use of methods that are nonmilitary, especially when dealing with missions of keeping peace. Taking part in peacekeeping and diplomatic relations with the military is one of the major ways that countries use to foster regional and international cooperation, especially since they are based on internationally recognized laws (Russian Federation, 2015).

Provisions that Pose a Threat to Regional Security

For a very long time, Russia has posed as a security threat to many countries in the world, mainly based on its history with World War I and II. However, from the security strategy, there are provisions which would pose a threat to regional and international security, despite the main intention being promoting territorial security. The first provision is number 14 which indicates that the role of using force in international relations is not on the decline as the aspiration of developing modern weapons for offensive measures is weakening the presence of global security. It continues to mention the fact that there is no indivisible security within some regions that include Asia-Pacific, Euro-Atlantic and Eurasian, and that countries around Russia are being militarized. This statement may trigger war considering that these are claims which may not necessarily be true, and Russia may be using the same to come up with weapons of mass destruction in the name of being prepared for war (Russian Federation, 2015). Secondly, provision 15 discusses the fact that the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) is acting in a manner which depicts the violation of international law, and that most of its activities point to the expansion of military actions around the Russian border. The government, therefore, has stated the same as a security threat and may be forced to act in a way as to counter that danger. NATO is an agreement involving some of the most developed countries from Europe and North America, and that statement could trigger a military fight with any of these countries (Russian Federation, 2015).

Thirdly, provision 16 may also act as a security threat internationally considering that it is undermining the various approaches that are implemented by various blocs in solving international issues. Besides that, the statement also challenges the security measures as set by NATO with regards to controlling migration of people from near Europe and Africa into Europe. Just as the previous provision, it is also a threat against the leadership of NATO as Russia appears to discriminate its actions. The fourth one is provision 36 which is about all the military techniques that would be used to train the military of the country with an aim of ensuring that the country is ready for any armed force against it. One of the aspects mentioned in the provision is the fact that the government has the option of using nuclear power as a way of self-defense. The issue of nuclear power is one that is always in contention, especially among the most developed countries. This is considering that many other countries that do not have the financial and technological ability to create nuclear weapons would feel threatened (Russian Federation, 2015). The fifth provision is number 37 which is about the improvement of the military based on anything they feel is threatening to them. The government is ready to provide any funding necessary for making the military stronger, including equipping them with the necessary modern weapons and hardware, for as long as they would make it easier to incapacitate the 'enemy.' In real sense, there is no explanation as to who could be regarded as the enemy, therefore implying that any country that Russia would feel is a threat to them when they really are not would qualify to be attacked (Russian Federation, 2015).


Russian Federation. (2015). Russian National Security Strategy, December 2015. Edict of the Russian Federation President.

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