Caree Essay Example: Professional Goals

Published: 2018-11-22
Caree Essay Example: Professional Goals
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My professional goals as a bookkeeper

Professional goals are of great importance especially when it comes to motivating people to work for their dreams. By simply stating the goals, one is obliged to achieve them. Goals vary from one person to another depending on what they want to achieve in life. I have various professional goals that I would like to achieve shortly as a bookkeeper.

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First, I would like to be an outstanding problem solver. I would like to employ the use of generally accepted accounting principles in solving issues to do with bookkeeping. I would also like to seek a job in a top notch company especially a financial institution where I can grow m abilities and experience to the maximum. The best thing that I would certainly ever do to myself as a bookkeeper is to be efficient by having an in-depth knowledge on how bookkeeping and reporting activities. This will enable me to be outstanding in my field.

The professional work ethics area sometimes flouted by careless bookkeepers who fail to maintain confidentiality especially when it comes to accounts management of a particular family. My aim is therefore to maintain a highly professional work and outstanding work ethic performance in any company I'll have the opportunity to work in. This will ensure that I am highly rated as a prudent employee at any point in my career. I would always struggle to see that smooth and efficient bookkeeping operations are effected in any company I work under.

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