Paper Example. Runaway Climate Change

Published: 2023-03-20
 Paper Example. Runaway Climate Change
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The concept of global warming represents an extremely threatening situation to human existence in the universe. Over the last century, the average global temperature rise records a rate of 0.750, a third happening during the previous twenty years (Harper, Charles, and Monica). An increase of two degrees in solar capacity on earth represents a threat to humanity. Runaway climate change refers to a concept where a surge in global warming will rise and rises in the artist. These effects will lead to reaching a global tip point, which will prove extremely difficult to stop. This paper gives a detailed discussion of runaway climate change, the human impact on the concept, the debates surrounding the issue, and potential solutions in mitigating the climate threat in the world.

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Direct And Indirect Human Impact On Climate Change

Human beings present the greatest threat to biodiversity. Several social activities ranging from deforestation, over-cultivation, and industrial operations, cause the global warming effect on nature ("Can we halt runaway climate change? Forests hold the key", 2019). These activities affect humans, plants, and other animals living on the planet. Overexploitation of plantations and agricultural activities led to the extinction of various species of the world that depended directly or indirectly on nature. Apart from exploitation and agrarian movements, invasive species present a significant challenge since they relate heavily to trade-related events.

The concept of pollution and disturbance presents another significant challenge to animal existence on the planet. Global warming continues to play a vital role and continues to affect the species at the genetic capacity. The researchers suggest that three-quarter of the universe faces a threat of human activities, and the fraction will continue to rise significantly if the world fails to address the issue of social degradation. The concept of land degradation encompasses various aspects ranging from deforestation, large-scale agricultural activities, urban and infrastructure expansion ("Can we halt runaway climate change? Forests hold the key", 2019). The concept has various impacts on the ecosystem and the species that live in the globe. There exist various direct negative forces on the functionality of the ecosystem. These challenges include loss of biodiversity through deforestation activities, and disruption the biodiversity-mediated functionality and habitats. The indirect impacts include the broader effect on the environment that alters the functionality of the specy's richness, habitats, and abundance.

Another indirect impact on global warming comprises of the emissions of greenhouse gas that acts as a threat, which will result in human deaths through various mechanisms. The concept of global warming will contribute to hunger, diseases, violence, and massive migration as a result of reduced access to food and water. This concept will arise from the contributions of global warming. The existence of fossil fuels from human activity will contribute to the rise in death tolls in the future, raising psychological, economic, medical, and political implications. The increase in carbon emissions to the atmosphere will contribute to numerous premature deaths.

Threatening the existence of animals in the ecosystem contributes indirectly to great danger to the survival of human species. The concept of insect pollination contributes to food production since the majority of flowering plants depend on insect pollination and other species in the ecosystem. The insect pollinators constitute about twenty thousand contributors to pollination through various insect species. The food humans consume on the pollination for increased production, which contributes to universal food availability. The food crops that depend on insect pollination make the majority share of the food products such as fruits and vegetables. The concept of pollination increases food production and threatens the ecosystem, which the insect lives contribute to lowering the food produced and hunger strikes in developing and developed nations. There exist various factors that continually contribute to pollinator loss, such as loss of natural habitats, agricultural intensification, and expansion of urban areas (Cai, Lenton & Lontzek, 2016). The life of pollinators also proves threatened by invasive species, changing climatic conditions, and emerging pathogens and diseases.

The methane emissions from human activities in the industries represent another concept of the indirect impact of human activity on runaway climate change. Climate change acceleration continues to approach the tipping point as a result of global heat feedback from the emitted gases in the atmosphere. The methane gases released into the air gives a feedback event to the earth. Carbon dioxide and nitrous acid also present an accelerating concept that contributes to global warming. The methane from the industries has increased by two-thirds over the last twenty years, and this increase results from the earth methane feedback. This feedback will continue contributing to the greenhouse effect, which poses a significant threat to human existence.

Debates Surrounding The Concept Of Runaway Climate Change

The concept of runaway climate change presents a very controversial topic of discussion, attracting different views from different people and researchers. The un secretary-general in 2018 suggested that unless there exists a difference of course in tackling the concept of runaway climatic change, avoiding the threat will remain adamant(Guterres, 2018). The secretary-general argued that the idea arose from the feedback activity of the atmosphere from the pollution enacted by human activities. The argument also points out that the global warming effect presents a greater danger than assumed by ordinary citizens. Failing to control the system would contribute to the inhabitable planet due to high-temperature levels (Steffen et al. 2018). The arctic activities resulting from the concept of global warming will add to cascading effects and an expected decrease in the arctic coverage, which threatens the planet's ecology.

The dynamics of 2017 also argued on the controversial topic of runaway climate change. The arguments also suggested a cascading increase in the state of climate change. However, the critics argued that the concept never presents a scientifically recognized issue. The idea represents amplified feedback triggered by the global warming effect (Lavelle, 2019). The article argues that the feedback results in dead plants and applies to venus. The reports, however, agree on the dangers the concept will cost human existence and positive feedback from the environment, increasing global warming activity.

Potential Solutions To Runaway Climate Change

There exist various methods proposed for tackling the global warming effect. The step begins with realizing the dangers the concept poses to human existence. The first initiative to curb climate change entails efforts by the authority to fight the swamp. An example of the action of the administration comprises the Paris agreement, although the realization registered only a third (Guterres, 2018). The other solutions entail pulling out industrial activities that prove harmful to the environment. These steps include regulating industrial activities, lowering emissions from vehicles, and restoration of degraded land. Human also needs to rise and handle the concept of climate change through awareness creation and the creation of green economy policies.

The concept of climate change proves the greatest threat to human existence. The world needs to learn that failing to observe the ways of conserving ing the environment presents a vast ignorance of the dangers facing them. World leaders and authorities continue to emphasize on better green practices since they recognize the importance of conservation to humans. The governments need to tax heavily the industrial activities that threaten the atmosphere and advocate for better farming practices.


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