Free Essay Example on Ron Popeil

Published: 2019-09-13
Free Essay Example on Ron Popeil
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The invention of infomercials is considered as the brainchild of Ron Popeil amongst other dozens and dozens of gadgets and gizmos that cover a wide range of consumer needs. The retail tactics that Popeil implemented were enormously successful. Popeil has to be also credited with maximizing his salesmanship over the television. In regard to the question as to the possibility of America having another Ron Popeil, the answer is definitely yes.

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There is a very high probability that in the future there would be an individual who rises to the occasion and fills the shoes of Ron Popeil. It has to be comprehended that Popeil was once and is still a great business man. The act of perfecting salesmanship does not, however, end with him. In the current business climate, there is always a chance for progression. There are various people who are currently or in the future willing to study the strategies that Popeil implemented in his marketing strategies. These few individuals would or are most likely to adopt the ideas that Ron Popeil used and even maximize the output or the results of their strategies.

It is only a matter of time before someone realizes that the best strategy that Ron Popeil used was to figure out that he was the best in the market and exploiting it to his own advantage. He portrayed himself as being very different from his competitors and that he was the best in the business thereby attracting more consumers. Popeil was able to identify products that were ownable, vital and believable meaning that consumers would be able to identify themselves with.

The other key strategy that can make one have the same qualities as Ron is that Ron talked about solutions and benefits of the gadgets that he was advertising. He did not emphasize on the features that the gadgets had. What was peculiar with the strategy that Ron implemented is that he did not care what the product was made up of or the number of years that the product had been on the market. What he cared about most is the ability of the gadget to solve the existing problems. If an individual currently comprehends this concept that one has to speak with their customers language or be in a position that they can solve the problems that the customers face on a daily basis, then they have a very high chance of becoming the next Ron Popeil. This is because, in most instances, the features of a particular product can be duplicated. However, the solutions cannot be duplicated.

The other aspect that can enable the current marketers and salespeople to achieve the heights that Ron achieved is that they should adopt the strategy of not only saying what the product can solve but demonstrate it. Ron was notorious in showing how his various products worked. This is why he invented infomercials. People are visual, and they do not only like to listen to some feature but want a demonstration of how the product works.

The change of technology means that there are various avenues that can be used to reach to the consumers. Some of these avenues have not yet been fully exploited. This means that it is only a matter of time before one figures out how they can reach the thousands of consumers and demonstrate to them how certain products work. This means that there is definitely going to be another Ron Popeil. It is just a matter of time.

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