A Literary Essay Sample: Romeo's and Juliet's Diaries

Published: 2019-09-23
A Literary Essay Sample: Romeo's and Juliet's Diaries
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Feeling grieved and aggravated I pass by at Fair Verona. I meet my cousin Benvolio; he is a caring and comforting guy who cares to know what makes me grieve. He nearly thinks my heart faints because of my love for a fair woman.

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So I explain to him that which makes me somber and sad in falling in love with this fair woman. Benvolio encourages stopping loving her, after telling him that I wait to have her despite her swearing love to me. Benvolio thinks I am mad, well he is right, am more than a mad mans description. I am bound by desertedness by being refrained from whom I love so dearly.

At the street one of the Capulets house servants comes by and hands an invitation notice to the banquet at the house of his master, the great rich Capulet. At this Benvolio encourages me to be in attendance at Capulets ancient feast owing to the presence of the fairest beauties in attendance. I have never seen any woman more fairly than my own lady whom I love earnestly. Not any of Benvolios suggestions match her fairness.

Nevertheless, I give in to attend, not for the merry that will be with the ladies present, but with for my own enjoyment and happiness. The effects of falling in love also have made heart faint and weak. I think love is too harsh, rude, and bullish and pricks like a thorn. Mercutio does not share my sentiment, though, and thinks love is such a tender experience.

In the hall in Capulets house, I spot a fair lady with an absolute beauty, the kind I have never seen. I plan to watch out for her and where she will stand.Tybalt then contemplates that I am of the house of Montage judging by my speech. He thinks I am there to make a shame of their integrity. He wants to strike me down dead because He thinks I am a villain. His uncle, Capulet objects to this cause. He showers much praise on me to the much disgust of Tybalt, who deems it a shame to tolerate my presence in feast. While having a chat with Juliet her mother calls her out for a chat.

Juliets Diary

My mother calls in asking for my decision with regard to my marriage. This is something I dream of as they do too. At my fathers feast that evening, a fine young pilgrim walks up to me, and we chat before being called out by my mother. I think I love him, so I enquire for his name, which turns out to be Romeo, a Montage. I cannot believe I have found love from those whom I so much detest!


Romeos Diary

I jump over the Capulets Orchard wall to seek out my love. I reach out for Juliet to have a chat with her. She wants me to disown my fathers name in exchange for her love and disowning of her family too. I want to listen to her more as she talks to me. She does not understand what our family names matter to our love, something I do not understand too, for I hate my own name. After a long chat, she leaves me and declines my request to meet that night, something I so much desired. She swears an oath of love to me and promises to follow me throughout the world before she is called out by the nurse.

I walk up early in the morning to see Laurence in his cell; he encourages being moderate in my quest for love. Back on the street, I meet Mercutio and Benvolio, the nurse and Peter. I ask the nurse to speak to her mistress Juliet about my desire for her and ask her to come by the cell in the afternoon. She too thinks I am a fair man for her mistress in comparison to Paris, another suitor of Juliet. Back at Laurences cell, I reveal to him how I feel about Juliet, but he still insists for modesty in my love quest. Juliet then comes about so that Laurence can unite us in marriage as we had planned earlier.

Juliets Diary

The coming morning Romeo appears outside my window. I cannot stand the fact that he is a montage. The name does not matter for me in love and pledge my love for him before bidding him good nights rest. We make a date to meet the following day at nine, though this seems to long a period akin to twenty years. The following day, I send my faithful and fair nurse at nine to seek out my beloved Romeo. She brings back the good news that Romeo has asked me out at Laurences cell for our union in marriage. I hurriedly move to Laurences cell where we hurriedly are united in marriage. What a lovely moment!


Romeos Diary

In the public place, Tybalt cunningly receives me as his man in the presence of both Mercutio and Benvolio; he later expresses great and inexcusable hatred for me, though. He does not feel the good heart I have for him. In the event of arguments, Tybalt and Mercutio engage in a fight that ends up in the latter being stabbed as I try to separate them. Benvolio later reveals to me the death of Mercutio to much grief and mourning. Tybalt arrives again and this time with wrath I attack him until he falls down. Alarmed by the incoming groups of citizens, I flew away.

I run back to Laurences cell, and together we contemplate the place to run for exile after such a wild act I had committed earlier. Juliets nurse comes in and tells me of her grief on hearing the news about my actions. She hands me a ring from her that comforts my heart, though. That night I creep into the orchard and spend some time with Juliet after which I bid her farewell at daybreak the next day.

Juliets Diary

In our orchard, the nurse brings me the news of the Romeos involvement in the slaying of my cousin Tybalt and how he has flown to exile. I have grieved a heart for I cannot imagine the kind of banishment such an action will bring upon him. However, I cannot find it easy to speak ill of my beloved husband. I send him a ring and ask for him to come and give his farewell.

Later that night, he comes into our orchard to bid me farewell. We spend out the night, and he leaves at daybreak when my mother calls in. Both of my parents come to discuss a planned marriage with Paris on Thursday. Owing to my love to Romeo, I have to avert this, so my nurse and I fake my death.

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