Essay Sample on Romeo & Juliet: Forced Love in the Face of Misfortune

Published: 2023-07-29
Essay Sample on Romeo & Juliet: Forced Love in the Face of Misfortune
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Early themes in the play reveal how Romeo and Juliet's relationship was like early in the play. An early theme that is portrayed in the play is that of a forced love. While it was love at first sight when Romeo and Juliet met, their love was based on violence and defiance of any other factors that tried to come between them. In act 2 scene 6, Romeo says that "but whatever misfortunes occur, they can't ruin the joy I feel with one look at her. Love-destroying death can do whatever it pleases" (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2020). It shows that Romeo and Juliet were willing to fight for the love. Another early theme portrayed in the play is conflicts between individuals and societies. Romeo and Juliet struggle to go against the traditions followed by their families. The feud between Lord Capulet and Lord Montague does not prevent Romeo from expressing his love for Juliet. In act 1, scene 5, Romeo says that "when this dance is over, I'll see where she stands. And then I'll touch her hand with my rough and ugly one" (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2020).

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How Themes Changed the Relationship

Different themes changed the relationship at some point in the play. A theme of violence is portrayed in the play. Violence in the play is based on hatred, desperation, and blind passion. When Tybalt killed Mercutio, Romeo revenged. He killed Paris and Tybalt. In scene 5, act 3, Paris speaks about how Romeo killed Tybalt. She indicates that "he's the one who murdered my love's cousin, Tybalt" (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2020). The suicides committed by Romeo shows the blind love that he has for Juliet. Another important theme that changed Romeo and Juliet's relationship is that of death. The play shows the Journey of love between Romeo and Juliet until the time that Romeo met his death. The conflict with the societal structures leads to the death of Romeo. It showed that the love of Romeo and Juliet was destined to end in that manner. Romeo takes poison and swallows it after kissing Juliet.

How Late Themes Reveal the Relationship

Different themes near the end of the play revealed the relationship of Romeo and Juliet towards the end of the play. One of such themes is that is inevitable fate. From the onset of the love between Romeo and Juliet, their actions showed that they would die at the end. Apart from the play being governed by fate, the two lovers had made a variety of wrong choices. For example, they made the decision to kill Paris and Tybalt. The failure of Friar to deliver the letter that showed that Juliet was alive was a major blow for Romeo (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2020). He thought that Juliet had died, and thus, went ahead to commit suicide. Another important theme was the ideological divide between the young and the old in the play. Romeo, Paris, and Juliet were examples of the young population that had contrasting ideas to the older population (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2020). However, none of them were willing to solve their disagreements and reach a compromise. Romeo and Juliet united in love to protect each other.


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