Finn Escaping. Free Essay Example

Published: 2023-08-28
Finn Escaping. Free Essay Example
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Prominent people in society primarily do movie directing and creation. Videos and films serve different purposes in the community, like passing information. Since films are mainly used for giving information, they use various forms according to the knowledge that they are aimed at. With the scenes included in this paper, you can understand why people should cooperate and help each other in fighting any evil thing around them despite them coming from a different ethnic group or so.

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The scene has two characters who are from different racial as well as ethnicity at the Syntactic level. They are working together intending to escape from bondage or also a hostage which they are kept in hence ending up in an absolute desert. From the background sounds, the scene seems to be terrifying (King, Zoe Johnson no. 1). Besides, the use of the music attracts and demonstrates that risk and also damage that Finn creates intending to rescue Poel. From the used attire, it displays that the participants are in space. They get held as captives here, and therefore, trying as best as they can to escape as a result of the harsh treatment they get from that place. Besides, they are using some rockets like weapons to accomplish their mission. Despite one of them being illiterate on the matters concerned with these objects, the other one helps out, and they succeed in getting out of the pathetic place. (King, Zoe Johnson no. 1)In representation, the scene presents two individuals who come from different cultural and ethnic backgrounds. They meet themselves in a place where individuals are treated brutally. One of them being a high official here, he decides to cooperate with another detained fellow help himself as well as his colleague to get out of the place. Both are trying to escape from a bad as well as harsh treatment they are getting in the space. From the understanding, few individuals oppose the terrible deeds that are being supported by another group (King, Zoe Johnson no. 1). It means that there is a group that promotes that kind of system resulting in Finn's efforts to escape to be free.

The scene symbolically shows how, despite the differences among individuals, they should help each other escape any danger. Mostly, individuals usually ignore each other because they come from a different race, as well as their differences in gender. (King, Zoe Johnson no. 1)

Therefore, race should not live in the world when everyone is fighting the same thing or campaigning against inhuman deeds or lousy leadership. From personal analysis is that the scene shows different races can work together to accomplish the same goal in life, which is to escape from rude or harsh leadership. The individuals have to learn to trust each other irrespective of their skin colour, and they have to agree and work peacefully to accomplish the mission. Therefore, from the paper, it's evidential that despite a person's race or ethnicity, we are supposed to support each other fighting any evil and wrong actions happening on the things surrounding or things that are near us as the two characters in the scene depict it.


King, Zoe Johnson. "Accidentally doing the right thing." Philosophy and Phenomenological Research 100, no. 1 (2020): 186-206.

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