Romeo and Juliet, Free Essay Example

Published: 2017-12-21
Romeo and Juliet, Free Essay Example
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Romeo and Juliet is one of the popular plays being performed on many occasions. Importantly, it was written by William Shakespeare, one of the popular writers indicating two young stars who were deeply in love and whose death reunited their families. William integrated several tales in order to come up with one of the best plays that will be of great help to many people. Romeo was a young handsome man, aged sixteen years old and a son of Mr. and Mrs. Montague. The play starts by Romeo breaking up with his first love Rosaline when his friends and cousin took him out to a celebration this way; he fell in love with Juliet who was Capulets only daughter.

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Importantly, Romeo has been featured with several characteristics depending on how he handles the issues. Firstly, he is viewed as sad and melancholic whereby he is worried about their love with Rosaline. She did not reciprocate Romeo’s love something that really affected him. In addition, Romeo was greatly affected by the situation to a point where his friends asked him to join them in a certain celebration with an aim of finding Rosaline. This resulted in him falling in love with Juliet, “Don't waste your love on somebody, who doesn't value it.” Equally clear, Romeo is viewed as dynamic and courageous. This is evident when he avails himself in Capulet’s party, despite him being the worst enemy to his father. Importantly, he also risks his life to be with Juliet when everyone else was not in for the idea. It is evident when he breaks the banishment that meant death to him in the aim of conducting a happy life with Juliet.

In addition, Romeo is considered as a thoughtful man who knew that fight will bring no good to their relationship. Despite his father being in a fight with Juliet’s father he chose to be good to his lover and concentrated more on their love rather than their disputes. This way, he came up with good decisions on how to handle their love.

According to the play, Romeo is viewed as immature in love as he concentrates more with the act of being in love rather than being in love with the lady herself. This is evident where he falls in love with Juliet at first site and forgets Rosaline whom they had been in a relationship with. He did not pay attention to some of the many factors a real man should pay before marrying. In addition, he posted a likable character due to his passion and his way of thinking. Despite his parents not being in a good relationship with Juliet’s parents, he went on with his mission as he preferred love more than conflict.

Romeo is portrayed to be a very sensitive person and blinded by love. He believes that he cannot find another woman whom he would love the way he loved Juliet. This way, he chose to die when he realized Juliet was dead “thus with a kiss I die”. He believed he will never be in a position to love again or have the strong feelings he had for Juliet; as a result, he was ready to give up on anything to be with his love. He is also portrayed to be devoted and affectionate to his friends and cousins more than anyone else. He could easily follow their advice without really questioning them as he believed in them. Yet still, he is viewed as a courageous person who would do anything to protect their love. The fact that their families were not in good term did not stop him from achieving his goal. He persuaded Juliet’s love despite his father’s hatred for Juliet’s father, he remained dedicated and in love with Juliet “O, she doth teach the torches to burn bright.”

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