A Heartfelt Letter From a Mother to Her Unborn Child. Essay Sample

Published: 2023-11-24
A Heartfelt Letter From a Mother to Her Unborn Child. Essay Sample
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Nothing explains our joy when we realized your dad and I was pregnant. It is the day that any mother would treasure and look forward to, with pride and a feeling like no other. When your dad and I visited the doctor due to some morning discomforts, being pregnant was the last thing on my mind. Upon hearing the news, I was filled with unspeakable joy, and so was your dad. Conceiving you could not have come at a better time. Your father and I met in high school and have been together since it will be our 10th anniversary next month. We have been married for one year now, and we had been looking forward to the day we get our first child. Ever since we decided to tie the knot, we always planned how we would bring our first blessing into this world; luckily, eight months after our marriage, we received the news we had been longing for. Finally, the wait was over. If only you could see me now as I write this letter, I know you are still tiny, but I treasure and love you already. Thinking about you this very moment, and what awaits you ahead gives me so much joy that I can’t hold my tears back. I have prayed for you, hoped and tried for you, and the fact that you are on your way into this world, all I can say is I cannot wait to see you, my love.

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As your loving mother, I promise to be your first friend and always strive to have a good relationship with you through and through. I will always open my heart to you and offer my love unconditionally. I will always be there in every step of your life for as long as possible and support you through whatever problems you will face. I cannot promise to be perfect, but I will try. When you are grown enough to make your decisions, I will guide you through them and help you set your goals and achieve them. I will be your guardian and strive to keep you emotionally and physically safe by always being close and keeping an eye on you. I hope you will have the best of role models in your father and me; we shall strive to live by standards and actions that will help you develop and provide an example to what you are expected to be. Teaching you to have a sense of responsibility and understand the consequences of the decisions you make will be one of my priorities.

As human beings, we can never be perfect, we have our faults, and they pop up from time to time. Some qualities may interfere with our abilities to be good parents. Personally, impatience is a major weakness, but I am learning about how I can change that. Sometimes I want things done my way, and if it does not happen, I find myself opting to fix it rather than being patient. Selfishness can also be another factor to doom your aspirations of being a good parent. Sometimes, I find myself prioritizing my interests over others, which should not be the case as a parent. Fortunately, you are the first blessing in my life of parenthood, and I am ready to do away with traits that might impact my abilities to be a good parent because up until now, I have never felt something so important and lifechanging as the thought of you making me a parent. For you, I hope to change for the better and forgive me for my shortcomings one day when you read this.

Parents want the best for their kids, and such comes with important qualities. As a parent, I would like my child to do well in their careers and form satisfying and good relationships in their lives. The most important quality in a child should be basic trust. Trust is a major foundation in a baby’s development. Children who lack trust find it hard moving forward, building relationships, and feeling confident. Early bonding with your child is the first step towards instilling trust. By adequately responding to the child's basic needs, i.e. (feeding it while hungry, changing diapers among others) and paying attention to signals and reacting accordingly creates a sense of security and a feel safe environment which in turn brings trust. A child should also be patient. Babies copy most of the things from their parents, and if you act impatiently whenever faced with a challenge, the child will adopt the same. A good example is when you are dealing with a toddler when it spills milk, helping it clean it up instead of lashing at them will teach him or her something helpful later in life. A child should also possess a sense of responsibility (Ibragimova & Zhmakina, 2020). Teach them how to make commitments and how to follow them through. Make them develop so that they understand the cause, effect, and a realization that there are consequences to their actions. A child should also develop empathy, which is a key factor in social competence.inorder to have successful relationships; one has to understand other people's feelings and respond appropriately.selfreliance is another quality a child should develop. By acting independently, the child grows with a knowledge of what they want and making judgments by themselves.

Parents play a major role in their child’s development; some of the things that help are singing along, which encourages them to sing along with you. You can play their favorite songs from time to time, thus promoting memory and identification in cognitive development. Experiences daily contribute to social development, and parents are the first social development source through their role model status. The best way for parents to help them in social development is through shared plays and negotiating. Another important developing aspect is the language whereby the parent can help develop it through activities like responding to the child's attempts to communicate. Parents should also help their children in gender development by ensuring that a young child’s environment has diversity concerning gender roles like integrating puzzles or books showing the different gender diversity roles (Carnaghi et al. 2018) Moral development is another important aspect whereby a parent should step in by offering their children opportunities to have pets or even babysit. Parents should find ways to make their children understand their behavior if they offend someone and guide them in understanding why they have to apologize instead of forcing them to do the same.

Parents' responsibilities in their children’s life cling to the fact that they can provide security in and out of their presence and make sure that they are always healthy. Ensuring safety for kids in their learning institutions is achieved through discipline and consistency. As a parent, you should do thorough research on the learning institution you are about to take your child to, whether it adheres to the moral codes you would like. The way a child is treated in school determines their relationship and interactions thereinunder for the students to be safe and respected by teachers and their peers. Schools have to be committed to making the environment supportive, caring, and positive. A parent ought to ask questions clearly and state their expectations, which signals that the school is to be held accountable should anything happen. The parents should also make parents’ an effort to know the type of friends their children keep and help them understand the importance of having the right type of friends.

From individual experiences, we all learn differently and get better at dealing with problems. As a parent, one should be able to pass some of the wisdom acquired over the years to equip them with the necessary knowledge to combat their challenges. Some of these things go a long way in their lives, e.g., when you teach your child to never give up, they grow up with that mentality and help them in the future. In their decisions, tell your child to always go for what they are passionate about and love doing.one should also teach their children to be content and avoid complaining .standing up for what they believe is also an essential thing for a child to possess among others. As a parent, all we can strive for is for the children's benefit, and they should always come first in our priorities.


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Ibragimova, L., & Zhmakina, N. (2020, January). Developing Children’s Leadership Qualities in Public Institutions: a Theoretical Approach. In 5th International Conference on Social, Economic, and Academic Leadership (ICSEALV 2019) (pp. 134-142). Atlantis Press. https://doi.org/10.2991/assehr.k.191221.190

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