Revolutionizing Healthcare Project Management: A Comprehensive Analysis of Modern Tools

Published: 2024-01-24
Revolutionizing Healthcare Project Management: A Comprehensive Analysis of Modern Tools
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The nursing profession and healthcare get repeatedly characterized by projects that are growing in size and complexity (Aycock et al., 2017). As such, the use of traditional project management methods is getting more complicated and challenging. Utilizing traditional approaches necessitates more time, effort, and funding. Besides, it also results in difficulties for team members to collaborate while undertaking different project activities. Therefore, nursing professionals should utilize modern project management technologies to enhance their project activities (Niazi et al., 2016). This essay will assess three different project management software; Microsoft project, FastTrack Schedule, and Zoho projects that can get used by nursing professionals in healthcare settings.

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Microsoft Project

Microsoft projects offer different applications to help meet an organization's needs under project and work management. Its features include a project for the web, online, and project online desktop client. Healthcare organizations and nurses can utilize Project Online, a flexible online solution for Project Portfolio Management (PPM) and daily work (Pamelaar, 2020). Nursing professionals and their respective teams can utilize the software's different planning, prioritizing, and project management capabilities. Through the Project Online resource, a team can use a web-based interface, update tasks, highlight significant concerns or risks, and share documents. The application can also connect to the Microsoft Project Online desktop, which helps with automated scheduling and resource management (Pamelaar, 2020).

FastTrack Schedule 10.2

The FastTrack Schedule got developed by AEC Software; it is compatible with Windows and Mac operating systems. With the application, nursing teams and individuals can create and manage different tasks. FastTrack Schedule also empowers the team manager to check a project duration, monitor deadlines, and take notes on the project's diverse activities. This software enhances communication and project tracking effectiveness. FastTrack Schedule offers numerous predefined columns allowing the project manager to track dates, durations, cost, and work categories among various elements. It also gets characterized by a summary bar, which highlights the general progress of the project. FastTrack would be the right choice for nursing staff since it facilitates quick sharing of a project's information. The software interface is also user friendly and easy to navigate (AEC Software, 2020).

Zoho Projects

Zoho projects a cloud computing-based software facilitates project managers' planning, scheduling, and work execution, which helps meet deadlines. With the software's specific designs, deadlines get established, staff performance is tracked, facilitating clear communication, and fostering accountability. With the software's Gantt charts, nursing teams are conscious of their critical tasks and can identify deviations between the planned and actual progress. The project management software also allows a project's customization to meet personal or team needs, therefore facilitating tasks specific to their work. With its timesheet capacity, project managers can manage individual workloads within their teams. Zoho projects also have report build in capabilities that ensure managers can quickly sum up the project (Zoho, 2020).

Summary of Discussion

The project management study highlights that managing more extensive and complex projects while utilizing the traditional method is difficult, costly, and time-consuming. However, with modern project management, soft wares, managing health care or nursing projects can be effectively and efficiently accomplished; therefore saving time and financial resources. As such, I would recommend Microsoft Project Online since it can get utilized with almost any device. Its users can update tasks, highlight concerns and risks, and share documents. The Microsoft Project Online software ensures an effectively built workflow that gets competently evaluated and prioritized to meet incoming demand (Kerzner, 2017).


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