Check This Free Essay with Facebook Research

Published: 2019-10-15
Check This Free Essay with Facebook Research
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Though facebook has proved to be one of the global service that is able to accommodate different people from different parts of the world,many people are coming up with a criticism and a negative reaction towards facebook popularity. They are able to realize the reduction of popularity in the whole world.tecnnically considering the human beings characters at different stage in life,the more one grows older and older especially old parents and grand parent,they normally tend to have no time and even their intrest on using social network services reduces by a larger percentage.basically, when people tend to grow up especially in the old age bracket,they start preffer seeing people face to face and in a natural way. This makes them feel comfortable and appreciated, as compared to communicating and meeting others through the use of facebok.through the action that is taken into consideration by the old and the grown up,much is affected in the social networking site especially in facebook.facbook in its performace experience large amount of population who have sieze to become active users of their facebook accounts for long as one year. Statistically, the large number of facebook accounts users ,who at one point have decieded to stay inactive members have been most of the case identified t be grown up parents and oldage period.some to extremely extend and ends up deleting their account; some on the other hand decides to make their cycle small by focusing on maintaining only small number of friends.whom they know and atleast they can frequently check on.generally, this idea is brought by age catching up with them and they tend to have little experience and chievements that they are abe to be proud of and even boast for by sending pictures and videos when it comes to sharing of communication grows smaller and smaller to them and to one extend they start thinking of abandoning what is not necessary in their lives.with different stage of life development in life, considering different stages one has and its experience on facebook,the grown up people and the old people in the society,shif t using facebook as a social means where friends are checked upon to a total business platform where they spend much of their time on advertising,creating wareness of their product and services. Additionally, due

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Considering the role facebook used to play in the past and the existing role the social network site is playing tody, facebook can be considered to have lost his edge. In the recent past,facebook popularity was known for its use in the social society, the application was used catching up with friends and families, knowing how the families doing and receiving update from friends who are far and even around was decent enough and by then the sharing of videos on peoples wall ere not available.majorly, facebook was then recognized as one of the best social netwotk when it comes to social networking.however, in the recent lives of social media,facebook is percievd to have lost its popularity in relation to the way the some of the users who deactivated their facebook acounts and left stated that face; people have ended up using facebook to pursue different goals like bringing other people down through propaganda, some racist are also trying to make other people feel bad about their general skin completion bad and even ending up to discriminate them.alot of hate speech has been going through the facebook, this has been motivated by easy way by which communication can be spread to the hole world by passing a large amount of population. Most people private life has been exposed to shame there is no proper security put in place when it comes to the video and pictures analysis, some accidentally find their nude videos and pictures on facebook. This has totally interfered with facebook rating when it come security of upload and downloads.

Globally, there has been high level of technological development, different innovative invention has cropped up , with new applications and social networking sites.different social media programs such as twitter, instagram,youtube,google and whatsap has sprouted out and are there in the market to face their long term competitor facebook.increase of more unique and better programs has been taking away facebook clients and most have started running to closing their accounts or finding other social firms to be so interesting until no time is given to login to facebook.The continuous innovation when it comes to technology and program development,facebook is facing serious competition hence making the social network lose its edge. Different new websites are also being expected to be introduced into the market, with other social network site. Some facebook clients are leaving or deciding to stay on facebook but become inactive for long.

Addditionally, according to different products lifecycle,facebook as a product in the lifecycle process,the product has past from introduction stage to the growth stage and now facebook is roaming at the maturity stage.this social media company, has exploited almost all the available stages in the product lifecycle. In the growth stage the company experienced a boom, with large number of people joining facebook,at this stage still, facebook was seen as a monopoly since it occupied almost all the market.facebook staying in the maturity stage has been contributed to large number of different social media networks. This has lead to a reduction on the number of clients joining different social sites like instagram and twitter. For any company to survive in this stage,they have to invest more and more by creating new ideas that will help in maintaining the existing clients and getting more clients.facebook at maturity stage is taking no big chance to ensure new and innovative ideas that will make them gain more clients and maintain the existing ones. Not working hard to came out from the maturity stage is making facebook to lose its edge.

Notably,facebook is losing its edge through the attempt and purchase of other competitors programs; this is at one point strange for a large social network company.although the company is focusing the strategy of buying programs from competitors , to the users its a strange thing and it is an a position of making them quit totally, some just want the originality of facebook with no additional program on it.facebook is now viewed as a social network which is not innovative and more dependent on others in order to develop and improve the performance; through trying to buy other social media applications for example snap chat and whatsapp, no innovation has been portrayed by facebook, they just want to apply and incorporate what has already been done.

Generally taking consideration on what facebook used to look like in its original form,facbook as been viewed to be a product that has with time changed from pursuing its original purpose. Many users are now deleting because of bullying and some being harassment due to insecurity loophole that facebook has created. Some personal accounts

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