The Flowering of Christianity, Essay Sample in Religion

Published: 2022-04-26
The Flowering of Christianity, Essay Sample in Religion
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Christianity history is full of division, conflict and sometimes a lot of controversies. One of the most significant individuals who played a significant role in the enduring development of this diverse religion was Constantine. As he was validating Christianity in Roman society, he established the center of the eastern Roman Empire, Constantinople. As a result of this success and other endeavors, Constantine was suitably given the title "Constantine the Great." During the reign of Emperor Constantine in 300 AD, multiple changes took place. Such that, at that period, Christianity began spreading in the Roman Empire since it had split and fractured, but Constantine reestablished it back.

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Christianity was entirely in contrast to the Roman religion which entailed the worship of Roman gods and devotion to secretive cults such as Adonis and Cybill. These cults did not exist in any way exclusive one to be a follower, but it necessitated a certain amount of offerings which could only be afforded by the wealthy. Notably, this is believed to be one of the prime areas of contrast with Christianity. In that, in Christianity, it was unequivocally free to be a member, assured of life after death as well as being absolute in its doctrines as opposed to the Roman religion which was hard to be a member. The difficulties encountered in joining the Roman religion enhanced the spread of Christianity. Nonetheless, unlike Roman religion which was primarily made up of the wealthy people, Christianity provided an opportunity for the less fortunate, slaves and women to join.

Evidently, Christianity highlighted on togetherness and loyalty across all divisions of citizens irrespective of the position or status of an individual in the society. This notion enhanced several changes in the Roman Culture which were as a result of the advancements of Christianity teachings. For instance, it transformed the social organization that had been developed in the Roman culture whereby women, slaves and the less fortunate were segregated by the wealthy. During this period, Christians were in most instances persecuted and sentenced to death. Christianity was believed to be an illegal cult and those who observed its teachings were convicted of a capital offense.

However, Constantine was determined to foster the spread of Christianity despite the various battles and challenges he encountered. The church influence on the state was mirrored by Emperor Constantine, who motivated his followers to abandon the temples and went ahead to close them. As a consequence, he advanced Christianity through the immense wealth that was collected from these temples. In that, the materials were used to build basilicas hence popularizing the Christianity religion at the expense of the pagan religion. Subsequently, the persecution and crucifixion of several emperors who reigned during that time also accelerated the spread of Christianity because martyrs influenced both Christians and non-Christians.

To sum up, it is now crystal clear that Christianity was significantly spread through the Roman Empire and as a consequence, it brought numerous changes. The transformations were founded by Constantine the Great who had an enormous influence on both the Byzantine Empire and the Romans during his tenure. He left behind several great facilities and art which are used to promote Christianity even today. He made the significant changes and accomplishments that made the kingdom more powerful and meaningful. In that, he maintained the full size of the Roman Empire by magnificently defeating his competitors and enemies and staying in charge. Therefore, Constantine promoted the development of Christianity by outlawing pagan worshipping, curbing Christian heterodoxies as well as seizing temple assets.

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