Free Essay on the Theme of Effective Social Work

Published: 2019-11-06
Free Essay on the Theme of Effective Social Work
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Communication is the transfer of information from one place to another through various devices. Various means can be used for communication to be effective for both the sender and the receiver of the information. It is through communication that a community solves its disputes. Communication can be verbal or non-verbal depending on the nature of the message that is to be transferred. Verbal communication involves the use of sound while non-verbal uses body language and even writing on materials that are read by the receiver of the information. The two primary forms of communication can be utilized at the same time when solving a dispute or responding to any problem in the society. A social worker should have the ability to understand all the aspects of communication before attending to a client.

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To begin with, Personal values are the general individual expression of things that he or she considers relevant. Personal value is a vital tool when it comes to problem-solving with a client since you get to monitor client's feelings of the problem. When attending to a customer who has presented his or her problem, it will require the helper to understand the values of the client. It will help the social worker to know what exactly the client wants. It is better to understand the needs of the client before responding to any of his or her needs. It is natural that 90% of all clients seeking help from social workers would only disclose 50% of their problem when asked to state their problems. It is the role of the helper to make the client disclose every necessary information for a better solution. It is not easy to tell all your problems to a stranger until he or she wins your trust. It is, therefore, the duty of the person providing help to work hard using all the available communication skills to earn the confidence of the individual seeking help.

On the other hand, by researching on the personal experience of the client, it would be a means of knowing the customers needs. It is from the life experience of the client that it would be easy to identify the cause, effect, and the possible solution to clients problem. Sometimes it would call for a social worker to spend more time with the client even in his or her residential to get firsthand information on the problem. The difference in environment can be a significant problem when handling the issue of a client coming into a different environment. The environment has got a lot of influence in individuals life, how they think and responds to stimuli. It will be of great benefit if a social worker studies the clients environment before answering his or her needs.

In the same manner, the experience of being a help seeker will equip a social worker with the knowledge of understanding the need of every client. If you put yourself in the shoes of a help seeker is when you can learn what having a problem mean. The condition of disparity that a helps seeker has will be evident. The reality of the problem will be understood at the moment when you become a help-seeker. The client has to be aware of some realities that affect his or her life when presenting a problem.

As can be seen, a help provider is expected to let the help-seeker go home smiling with the feelings that the problem is entirely solved. A social worker has to use both the professional and personal skills in handling clients problems depending on the nature of the problem. It would demand the helper even to use his or her personal experience to give an approach to problem solution. It is from my experience that a social worker will have better knowledge to relate a situation at hand with the one he or she experienced. Personal experience gives a deep understanding of the situation experienced, and the helper can know the weight of the problem presented.

Nonetheless, it is vital to involve the experience of being a client and being a problem solver at the same time when faced with a challenge. As a social worker, I would consider myself being in both situations to enhance my understanding of societal problems. Understanding my client's cause and depth of problem would be my priority as a social worker. The environment when an individual comes from dictates the nature of challenges, and there has to be a standard solution to most of the problems. A community might be facing a common problem that needs a permanent settlement with the whole community and not just an individual client. For instance, despite an effort taken by a social worker to address individuals' issues, the same case will still be reported.

In summary, understanding individuals need and the whole society would be the best method of addressing community problems. Communication has to be used as a tool in solving all the presented problems of the society. Both verbal and non-verbal will be vital as they are used for understanding between two parties involved in dispute resolution. The helper and the person seeking help have to develop effective communication skills that would allow proper problem solution.

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