Paper Example on Situation Overview - United Airlines

Published: 2023-03-06
Paper Example on Situation Overview - United Airlines
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United Airlines is a leading American airline that connected cities in the USA and has a resilient global impression. However, they have recently been faced with some adverse events that have wounded their brand reputation, which is a crucial element of business. The firm has also had some customer service catastrophes that have harmed their reputation. One of the cases is where a passenger who was on a flight from Chicago O'Hare airport was removed from an overbooked plane vehemently. The airline needed four seats for their four crew members who had to fly out the following morning (Matousek). Thus, when no one was willing to give up their seats, they indiscriminately selected four individuals. The video of a man who was bloodied and being dragged from the aircraft as the other passengers cried in dismay went viral speedily. There was also another case of a passenger's dog dying after it was stuffed in an upstairs bin. It was depicted that a flight attendant had insisted that the bag with the black French bulldog be packed in an overhead container (Matousek). The airline's response to the events has been quite dreadful and has significantly ruined their reputation in the industry. For the company's brand to be restored, specific actions need to be undertaken.

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The following need to be achieved to restore United Airline's reputation and performance in the industry;


To restore their brand's reputation.To attract new clients, preserve existing ones, and get back those who shifted to their competitors.


The success of the public relations exercise will be measured by setting the following benchmarks;

Restoring the brand's reputation: In this case, the company needs to undertake quick communication that will reinforce their values and demonstrate immediate differentiation from the competition. However, this should start with a public acknowledgment from all the employees involved that they are apologetic for what occurred in all the events. The main goal here is to increase the number of positive impressions

Main message or way of penetrating the market to clients: The airline will create customer-friendly policies that will assure passengers and the public of safety while rewarding workers for serving clients with velvet rather than boxing gloves. United Airlines will also focus on social media campaigns that will demonstrate the capability to change and serve clients effectively. In this case, the primary goal is to increase the number of bookings and have more positive engagements among their clients.


The behavior will be developed constructed on market and consumer intuitions. It will be relevant for United Airlines employees to completely comprehend the way the firm's strategy is different and better than the competition they need to be in touch with the market actualities. The main challenge here will be how to efficiently deliver the certainties for employees to act on them appropriately.

Workers will be trained to ensure that they comprehend the way the policies or even procedural changes apply to them in the company. Also, the training may be scheduled as an on-going or wanted foundation. Obtaining feedback from employees will also be relevant as it will encourage them to get involved in the process of policy change.

Calendar or Timing

Activity Duration

Outlining the strategies to be undertaken 2 weeks

Contacting the relevant media channels- 1 week

1 week

Airing their message to the proper channels- 1 month

1 month

Adoption of new social media logos- 1 month

1 month

Note the results- 1 week after all the above

1 week after completing all the activities

Total Duration 3 months


Activity Cost

Bi-Weekly Strategy Call-

1, 000$

Press Release Creation-

2, 000$

Distribution and Follow-up-

150, 000$

Media Outreach-

30, 000$

Billboard Public Relations Campaign-

150, 000$

Total Cost-

333, 000$


The primary strategy of United Airlines is to show their commitment to the public to change and further demonstrate their customer-friendly policies that will assure passengers and the people of safety. They will thus utilize audio-visual media, which is radio and television, to pass their commitment message to the public. WKCS-FM in Chicago will be the best channel to use for giving their message to the public. They can also use other channels in other states to reach a wider audience since their clients are not only from Chicago. The company can spread its message in Long Island New York through WBLA-FM, San Francisco, California through KMVQ-FM, Atlanta, Georgia through WWPW-FM and Philadelphia, Minnesota through WIOQ-FM. United Airlines should also have parties attending relevant stakeholder meetings that are public and municipal council meetings and pass on their message. As such, this can be effective since they will also assist in passing the message to the relevant parties.

On the other hand, the company will also consider networking strategies as it will allow them to build their external connections. News outlets on the digital platform can be utilized to communicate with the public. Moreover, focusing on a positive image and communication will be sufficient for United Airlines to build their reputation in the public awareness and thus minimize the effect of impending harms. They should always notify their clients and even workers on what's happening and their response to any incident. As such, transparency, good governance, customer service, and steady growth are some of the relevant messages to convey, and the audio-visual and news outlets on the digital platform can be useful for this aspect.

The company will also change its logo on social media and remove all banners from all their social media channels. It will demonstrate safe colours, which are grey and white. Billboards will also be useful and ensure that they are displayed at a strategic place. Also, for the creation of efficient awareness, their new logo depicting safety will be displayed appropriately. The Steve Harvey show would also be an excellent channel to utilize to communicate their modifications. It has a wide variety of listeners ranging from old to young. The public relations strategist can be used to go and outline the company's plans for reforms and assure customers that they are highly valued, and their safety will always be prioritized.


In the course of the campaign, the airline recorded an increase in the number of bookings by up to thirty percent. Regarding their brand's reputation, they managed to get 35 million impressions, which included broadcast coverage in seven markets and network and associate engagements. Concerning penetrating the market to clients, it was observed that the firm's social media interactions increased, and they got more clients as noted with the number of bookings and customers served. More positive engagements were also recorded about United Airlines among its employees and clients who received enhanced and efficient services.

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