Research Paper on Health Care Financial Crisis in the United States

Published: 2023-01-08
Research Paper on Health Care Financial Crisis in the United States
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Currently, in America, there is a significant crisis in primary healthcare of the citizens. Most people find it relatively challenging to access either the doctors or the dentists whenever they are in need including that individual that has been covered by the insurance policy, and thus resulting into the worsening of the ailment and others may be forced to be admitted in costly hospitals(Benatar & Bakker, 2011). Many criticize that the American healthcare system wastes billions of dollars on expensive care which could otherwise be avoided by initiating a robust and reliable primary care system. Most of the healthcare professionals believe that having reliable access to high-quality primary healthcare is a significant element in the healthcare sector that seems to enhance the quality of health of the people. As a result, over 1500 community health centres have cropped up throughout the U.S. with an estimated 10,000 delivery sites that provide health services to the American citizen daily. Moreover, Legislation which was introduced in 2009 significantly expanded and has continued to facilitate the operations of the community health centres as one of the portions of the Affordable Care Act. A recent Wall Street Journal article earlier estimated that health care costs are likely to escalate by over 20% of gross domestic product (GDP).

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Health care costs have been unstable in the U.S. for decades and are one of the major concerns for both the government and the public. For instance, in 1969, President Richard Nixon proclaimed that the country was facing a crisis in the health sector, and there was a need to breakdown the healthcare system. And this has been the same case in most of the administrations. According to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), Regardless of the several efforts put by the governments, the national health expenditures had dramatically increased from 6.9% of GDP in 1970 to 18% in 2016. With the continued health care crisis in the U.S., the country is like to experience several factors which include: the value-based purchasing, consumerism, use of innovative new technologies, and a host of other initiatives implemented by the several administrations currently and in the future; The health care sector is bound to collapse in the near future and again, there is a likelihood of the continuity to try and fight the looming crisis in the health sector. Immediately the Medicare and Medicaid attracted the operations' National Conference on Health Care Costs was launched.

Health care service is like any other and Americans expect cost transparency in order to make transparent choices and maximize value. However, in America, health care quality is uneven. 'There are very high costs with less involvement by the lawmaking innocent Americans suffer exploitation' (Steves). America's issue with health matters because it means hurting consequences to the citizens who can do nothing but wait for a bill for equity to be due. Speaking from a general point of view, most European countries finished the fight for affordable healthcare a decade ago. In research by JP Griffin Group, a decade ago saw European countries adopt a health care system with one goal in mind: 'to ensure that every citizen has access to essential health services' (Steves).

Given that America has been around for as long as Europe has been, America is still fighting for affordable health care while Europe finished its fight a decade ago. For most of its battle, America has tried every possible event they have landed on to regulate the healthcare system of the country but to some extent, failed. This particular research focuses on the health care financial crisis in the U.S.

The Purpose Statement

The purpose of this specific paper aims at highlighting issues regarding health care in America. The research paper empathizes on highlighting the current health care crisis in the U.S. and beyond its borders right and illustrate more on the problem of health care.

Research Questions

The survey questions emphasize on the healthcare crisis in America. The questions are connected to the health care issue and how the health care system to address the ever looming financial crisis in the sector and control of the various health care strategies. The research questions assess the link that exists between the health practitioners and the patients.

  • What are some of the health care strategies in the U.S.?
  • What are the plans for enhancing health care in America?
  • How has the U.S. government policies impacted on the health care system?

Literature Review

Why Affordable Healthcare is an Issue in the U.S.

According to a recent study by The Commonwealth Fund, the U.S. comes last in a survey of 11 countries' healthcare systems (Schneider 2014). In this study, the performance of the overall industry is measured from five factors such as; administrative efficiency, care process, equity, outcomes, and access and in four out of five elements, the U.S. takes position 11. Affordable healthcare is an issue in the U.S. because even the Legislation cannot get an e grip of the system, and this has seen the scheme grow to become more expensive and less accessible to common citizens. The issue of affordable healthcare becomes much of a big problem because one of the richest countries in the whole world has high-quality doctors with excellent hospital systems but has the quality of the system broken. 'Healthcare is no longer affordable because the litmus test for affordability in the American hospital system is having a lot of money' (Schneider et al.,). Meaning those who can afford healthcare would get it while those who can are not treated. The biggest problem in America's healthcare system is the lack of precise mechanisms to curb excessive charges.

'It is the government's responsibility to ensure citizens get access to affordable healthcare' (Steves). Affordable healthcare is not beneficial to the citizens but the government. This is because unhealthy people mean a vulnerable and weak country. Therefore, the one reason why the government shoulder's responsibility of ensuring citizens gets access to affordable healthcare is on the basis that a whole nation indicates a string nature. Just as national security is the responsibility of the government, so is affordable healthcare. Trying to shift this responsibility to another agency would cause the country to rise to healthcare disasters. If costs continue to go up, then people might need to move to other countries to seek affordable healthcare. Why then would citizens work to improve a state and a government that is quick to abandon them when they get sick? The same citizens would move their finances overseas causing a direct impact on the economy. The government is responsible for developing Acts that would fight for affordability in healthcare.

The U.S. Does Not Need Healthcare Coverage

Nearly every country in the world wants universal health care. However, the U.S. has kept on clinging to a corrupt system for years, and this could serve as proof that the country does not need universal healthcare policies (Uutela, 2010). For many years, the U.S. has been known to be the only wealthy country that lacks universal healthcare because even weaker states have developed some strategies to boost comprehensive health care. The reason why the U.S. does not need a universal healthcare system is partly due to cultural reasons. Cultural reasons as to why America does not provide universal healthcare are; the country's dedication to a free market system, the idea of individualism and also the belief in personal responsibility. Absence of a comprehensive healthcare system would be an actual step to have the country move towards high-level implementation of a free-market system. The country's ideas of individualism also make up the reasons as to why America does not need a universal plan. In fact, in current America, 'the creation of a system that unites citizens is considered entirely accidental' because like it is, everyone should live independent from the other in the US.

Universal Health Care Cut Down on Private Insurance

As mentioned earlier in the benefits of universal health care section, such a plan eliminates administrative costs of having to deal with different private health insurance companies. This means that 'comprehensive coverage could do away with individual insurance plans'. Understanding how universal health care is financed is critical in realizing how citizens might do away with private insurance (Stuckler 2013). To begin with, universal health care is funded from sharing resources to spread the financial risks of the ailing population across a broader community. In this system, a large pool is created to collect prepaid funds that can be used to cover any health care costs of the needy regardless of how they can pay.

Looking at countries that have managed to adopt such a system, these nations have progressed because they have managed to implement coverage after making it mandatory for citizens through taxation. How then can an individual who is already being taxed and earning less seek services from a private insurance company? With compulsory contributions and the spread of risks, universal health care reduces citizens' reliance on private insurance services unless one feels like seeking private insurance as a back-up plan. 'The fact that the government wants to ensure the financial protection of the vulnerable population, most people will drop individual insurance plans' (Steves).

Add More Money to Health Care Not Military

According to The Guardian, 'America gives up to $700 billion to the military but claims that health care is a luxury' (Timm). This kind of funding is what democrats and republicans in America have failed to agree on over the years. How is funding the military and using vast amounts of money meant to help the poor get basic needs? Any government program that does not support the poor acquire basic needs; the Senate should not consider healthcare, housing, and education. I believe with continued funding on the military; the government would cause the economy to collapse suddenly because the less fortunate are not benefit directly from the financing (Stucker 2016). Instead of pumping so much money on a program that does not help citizens directly, the government of America should reduce the spending on the military and allocate some to healthcare. Funding health care programs will have a direct impact on citizens because the sick and the less fortunate would benefit thus making the country stronger in the economy


This section entails the survey design in addition to the sample and sampling processes which have been used in the research. The tools used in the study, as well as their validity and reliability, data collection procedure and data analysis processes, have also been presented. RESEARCH DESIGN

This study applied qualitative methods. It assessed in detail the health crisis in the U.S. No current survey was done in this area. Descriptive studies are used for the prediction of linkage between variables at the time of the survey (Babbie, 1973). The survey approach used in this specific study is Qualitative strategy applying the use of observation and questionnaires.

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