Report Sample on Comparing Nursing Report Practices: Quantitative vs. Qualitative Approaches

Published: 2024-01-08
Report Sample on Comparing Nursing Report Practices: Quantitative vs. Qualitative Approaches
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1. Restate the purpose of the research in your own words.

The paper seeks to quantify quantitative research from the conducted study based on blending both recorded nursing and bedside nursing reports. Unlike the traditional concepts of the recorded nursing report about the patient, bedside nursing report offers extensive care and details about the patient, a concept that remained the core value of the study.

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2. What was the study design?

The study utilized a quasi-experiment research concept to estimate the outcomes of the research (SandJecklin, & Sherman, 2014). A quasi-experiment refers to an empirical research study based on estimating the causal impact of any given intervention, without considering random assignments.

3. What were the variables?

To determine the qualitative of the research, the report utilized both dependent and independent variables. The study utilized two independent variables, which included recorded reports, and bedside nursing reports, as the independent variable. On the contrary, the research also established independent variables, including the patients and nursing satisfaction.

4. What were the main findings?

Nursing can be a complex role, especially considering the pressure one has to undergo to maintain the patient's report's accuracy. The study generated numerous results, including the improvement of nursing perception. Reports were significantly improved in numerous areas, such as the areas concerning patient safety. On the contrary, the concept improved nurses' accountability and involvement in care.

On the contrary, after implementing the bedside report, the patient falls at every shift change decreased drastically. Bedside reports depicted a shift in nurses' attitudes regarding their reports in their final data collection. The data collected by the nurses were more positive compared to the post-implementation of the bedside reporting. The concept increased the degree of accuracy in reporting compared to post-implementation, which was highly dominated by an increase in nurses' perception.

Qualitative Article

Restate the purpose of the research in your own words.

Clinical practices in the nursing field offer extensive detail on any nursing practitioner. As a result, the clinical practice provides greater insight to students and how they interact and associate with the field. Therefore, the study was geared towards understanding nursing students' experience in their clinical practice.

What was the study design?

The research utilized a randomized control trial used in selecting and sampling participants of the study. The research did not offer given criteria in choosing the participants of the study.

How was the population selected?

In the quest to determine nursing students' experience in their field, the research utilized a sample of 90 students selected from a 200-student sample. The 90 sampled participants were selected from Shiraz University of Medical Sciences (Faculty of Nursing and Midwifery), where all the participants were baccalaureate nursing students. As a way of increasing diversity in the research, the study did not follow the criteria for picking or choosing the selected participants but rather picked them randomly from the 200 participants.

How was the data collected?

Data collection in the study was conducted through a focus group, which collects data through interactive concepts with students. According to Fangen and Nordli (2005), a focus group was designed to investigate the nursing students' views regarding their clinical field participation. The focus group collected data, through organized discussion, with a selected distinct group of individuals to obtain their information. Data about their views on clinical practices and experiences.

Group interviews provide extensive qualitative data-gathering techniques. In most cases, group interviewing helps to gather basic and general background information regarding a given topic of study. Therefore, group focus became the ultimate choice of data collection, since general and interrelated information can be gathered within a given related sample of participants.


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SandJecklin, K., & Sherman, J. (2014). A quantitative assessment of patient and nurse outcomes of bedside nursing report implementation. Journal of Clinical Nursing, 23(19-20), 2854-2863.doi. 10.1111/jocn.12575

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