Professional Identity of the Nurse - Free Paper Sample

Published: 2023-11-06
Professional Identity of the Nurse - Free Paper Sample
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The code of ethics for medical attendants (Nurses) is a guide for activity-dependent social qualities and necessities. It has meaning just as a living report whenever applied to the real factors of nursing and medicinal services in an evolving society. To accomplish its motivation, the code must be surely known, disguised, and utilized by medical attendants in all parts of their work. American Nurses Association Standards of practice are not different from the general code of ethics in nursing (Tluczek et al., 2019). Only some vital, integral concepts have been incorporated to suit American Nursing specifically. Both codes of conduct must be accessible to medical attendants all through their work lives.

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Code of Ethics

The American Nurses Association (ANA) Code of Ethics is the professional and moral compass that assists nurses to practice all through the nation. It comprises of nine arrangements with translations assembled into three general zones. The Code of Ethics is composed by nurses for attendants to give headings in circumstances when equivocal circumstances emerge and troublesome right choice must be made. The nursing Code of Ethics is continually updated.

The code of ethics is a vital instrument for nurses to have since nursing is a mind-boggling and dynamic calling that manages human lives; exclusions, unacceptable of care, and carelessness are not endured (Fowler et al., 2016). The code helps medical caretakers (nurses) to remember their essential focus, which is based on the consideration and the privileges of their patients. Turner (2018) referenced that when patients look for clinical assistance, they frequently feel that they are at risk yet; there is a need to share personal and indispensable information about their lives. Therefore, the need for the code to shape the nurse's conduct as she/he deals with the patient expertly (Fowler et al., 2016).

Nurses are relied upon to give nursing care the right way at the absolute first time they offer the support as per the code (Fowler et al., 2016). The code ought to be morally compelling to provide direction on overseeing moral issues 'problems' that may emerge at the cultural level, the sound level, and the clinical level. As described by Turner (2018), a compelling moral code act as; a short proclamation of the ethical commitments and obligations of each person who gets into the nursing profession, nursing's very own declaration comprehension of its promise to society and profession’s non – debatable moral norm to maintain a strategic distance from pointless mistakes (Turner, 2018). Nursing broadly and globally is relied upon to work as per the code.

American Nurses Association Standards of Practice for Association in Nursing Licensure

The following include the American Nurses Association Standards of Practice for Registered Nurse (RN). Evaluation, the enrolled nurse, gathers comprehensive information appropriate to the human services customer's healthcare. Diagnosis whereby the registered nurses break down the appraisal information to decide the analyses or issues. Result Identification whereby the nurse distinguishes expected results for an arrangement individualized to the social insurance customer or the circumstance (Tluczek et al., 2019). Planning that entails developing a plan of care that endorses procedures and mediations to achieve anticipated results.

Execution of the intercessions recognized in the plan. Its sub-standards are care coordination and consultation. The next standard is Assessment, whereby the nurse assesses progress toward fulfillment of results. Ethics whereby the enrolled nurture rehearses morally. Education where he/she accomplishes information and ability that reflects current nursing practice. Evidence-Based Practice and Research, where the nurse coordinates proof and examination discoveries into training (Tluczek et al., 2019). Quality of Practice involving adding quality to the nursing practice. Correspondence that imparts success in an assortment of organizations in every aspect of training.

Authority /leadership whereby the nurse shows administration in the expert work on setting and the calling. Collaboration, where the enlisted nurse, works with the social insurance customer, family, and others in the direction of nursing practice. Proficient Practice Evaluation where the nurse assesses her or his nursing practice corresponding to proficient practice norms and rules, pertinent resolutions, regulations, and guidelines (Tluczek et al., 2019). Asset Utilization in using suitable assets to design and give nursing administrations that are protected, viable, and monetarily capable. Ecological Health which entails the nurse rehearsing in a naturally safe and healthy manner.


I am cognizant and have practiced most of the above, if not all, of the above code of ethics and American Nurses Association Standards of Practice for in the nursing profession. Therefore, I am confident to be qualified as one of the Registered Nurse (RN) of the American Nurses Association. To achieve this, I will need the Nursing licensure in the American Nurses Association, which I humbly request—hoping to attain the license. Thank you in advance.


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Turner, M. (2018). If It Is Newsworthy, It Is Ethics-Worthy: Living in the Code of Ethics for Nurses. Creative Nursing, 24(3), 143-151.

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