Free Essay Example: Same-Sex Relationships are Normal

Published: 2019-10-16
Free Essay Example: Same-Sex Relationships are Normal
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For many years same-sex relationships have been viewed as abnormal. Being in the same-sex relationship seemed weird to many yet over the recent years, it has become more prevalent. In todays society, many such relationships are growing to be successful regardless of the opposing they are facing. The problem lies in the question that tends to be raised more often concerning same-sex relationships whether they are normal? In fact, many countries and societies that have refused to acknowledge the gays or lesbians rights have this questions in mind. They normally think that the relationships are not normal. Another question is whether they have the same normal issues in their relationships? This topic has become a very intriguing argument with so many speculations. People should understand that same-sex relationships are normal for those with a gay or lesbian sexual orientation and the society should accept them.

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In the short story My Marriage to Vengeance, David Leavitt takes us through a same-sex relationship (205). He highlights the plight of Ellen a lesbian who is in a lot of pain after a heartbreak on losing her lover Diana to man. She receives the exceedingly formal invitation to Dianas wedding. She attends the wedding and we are taken through their love story and relationship as she remembers her sweet time with Diana. The rejection side that she faces from the mother of her lover is also shown. The relationship appears to be normal for Ellen and Diana at first until Ellen takes a drastic decision to leave her and get married to Charlie his lawyer friend. However, Diana, a promiscuous young lady seems to have been in the relationship for a trial and error experiment of her sexual preference. Diana tells Ellen that he wants to live a normal life which means that she does not think that a lesbian relationship can be a normal one. At the end, Ellen realizes that her lover was a dishonest and vapid person. This brings forth an insight of revenge and consolation.

People claim that gay or lesbian partners cannot have sex because they are not compatible to have sex. However, people in same-sex relationships can be able to do so in other ways that feel good for them. In the story, David (205) shows that Ellen and Diana had many sex experience that was erotic and fabulous. There are so many ways of two people to have sex, no matter the sexual orientation and sex they are. Sex is not all about the normal way of doing it, there are other ways of people prefer to bring pleasure to themselves especially those in the same-sex relationships. These can be activities involving oral sex and anal sex. According to Rose (60) like any other relationship communicating between partners can result in a wide range of sexual activities that are agreed on mutually which can be pleasurable and creative. Therefore, same-sex partners can still experience sexual pleasure through other ways other than penetration.

People should realize that same-sex marriage is becoming more common in todays world. It proves that this is a normal occurrence and that gay people exist among us in our societies. Since, 1993, when the Hawaii Supreme Court ruled that the probation on Baehr v. Lewin was unconstitutional, the civil rights campaigns that followed after drew so much interest. It led to several states taking federal actions in restricting marriage to male-female couples, in particular, the Act on Defense of Marriage or DOMA. In the US for instance, the civil rights become more active attracting a public approval opinion of 60% according to Hook in the journal by Wall Street until the same-sex marriage was legalized in 2015 (WSJ/NBC News Poll). According to CNN, the trend has been trending upwards consistently over the years. By this time, many gay and lesbian people had come out and stated their sexual orientations in public. This is extremely incredible considering that many of them are continuing to come out of their shells. This shows that gay relationships are being acknowledged. Unfortunately, not all people who claim to be in same-sex relationships are sexually oriented that way. Some are in it out of sexual preference and they end up not living to their declarations of same-sex relationships. Like Diana, a sexual dilettante was in a same-sex relationship for experience and tried the relationship for a year and then moved to a man. To her, the relationship was a sexual preference, unlike her partner Ellen who was a lesbian from an early age. Therefore, same-sex relationships for people who have properly defined sexual orientation usually work perfectly are normal in all dimensions.

Same-sex couples cannot be able to have children and are not usually good role models thus are not normal. This could be true in the case of giving birth to their own children. But, they can adapt and take care of them the same way as normal parents do. As long as the both of them exercise their parental responsibilities, the child gets the emotional, financial and parental support needed (Ball 183). It is not beneficial to bring up children in male-female marriage but the environment is not friendly. Children who raised by same-sex parents who devote their time and emotion into the child would even benefit more than a child who has two straight parents but not available for him or her.

In regard to sexual orientation, not everybody is the same. It is important for the family, society, government and the world at large to aid in acceptance of same-sex relationships. There should be programs and legal actions taken to help in accepting them and recognition of their rights. Whether it the same-sex marriage, relationships are the same and very normal. If the two same-sex people are in love and work on their relationships in order to see it through, it lasts and works normally.

In conclusion, same-sex relationships are perfectly normal. David in his story shows that it is a package of feelings and relationships that make up a satisfying and natural identity. It has also been there throughout our existence in humanity. They are part of our culture, socioeconomic class, race/ethnicity and educational levels.


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