Report Example on Flogging vs. Prison: Weighing Alternatives in Criminal Punishment

Published: 2024-01-08
Report Example on Flogging vs. Prison: Weighing Alternatives in Criminal Punishment
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In the current world, people commit crimes by mistake or intentionally, which will lead them to negative results (Deven, 2012). Some of the crimes people commit include theft, rape, murder, and many others, and these may require someone to be put in jail sometimes for discipline purposes. Sometimes, it is hard for citizens to forgive criminals because many may have destroyed their properties. The owner demands compensation in sometimes the best way to be compensated is by involving the government to take the issue into their own hands. However, in some countries, when a criminal is taken to jail, the government may decide to punish that person depending on the crime committed. In this case, the criminal may be given a chance to choose between flogging or prison. As a result, some will choose flogging because it has several advantages compared to being in prison.

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Flogging is the better solution for many because the relationship one has with the family will remain. Flogging may have disadvantages, such as physical damage, but this cannot be compared with the advantages one enjoys. Flogging causes pain in the body, but this will last for a few minutes, and then everything will get back to normal (Deven, 2012). Even though it may cause internal damage to the criminal's body, some can recover from these damages through treatment that can take less than a month than staying in prison for several months or years.

Serving time in jail or prison diminishes opportunities for the prisoner, their children, and their families. Family life for economically disadvantaged people is becoming fragile, and prison is said to make things worse. Several prisoners have children who are below eighteen years old. After the imprisonment, the remaining parent may be the mother taking the responsibility of childrearing, handling family crises, and paying prison visits, leading to divorce or separation (Deven, 2012). Therefore, flogging is the best option because he will remain at home to take on all the responsibilities, and the family will stay together.

Upon the release of the prisoner, he is unable to provide for the entire family since being in prison is linked with a 40% reduction in hourly wages, earnings, and more unemployment. The flogging option will enable the criminal to remain in employment only that he will be receiving a certain number of flogs every day, but all other activities will progress as before. Without jobs, previous inmates usually commit other offenses, and they will find themselves back in prison. Nevertheless, the research shows that the prisoners’ children, especially boys, may encounter developmental delays as well as behavioral problems, and these may make them commit crimes and find themselves in prison (Bethune, 2018). Thus, imprisonment makes children suffer more in the future. Flogging helps the prisoner to avoid other criminal matters that are taught in prisons. People who are in jail teach other people some criminal behaviors such as sexual matters, robbery techniques, and many others, and these may lead the prisoner to severe offenses (Bethune, 2018). Thus, if the person chooses to flog, he will not join with other prisoners; he has a low chance of knowing new criminal matters, hence improving his behavior.


In conclusion, flogging and prison help people improve their behaviors though every choice has its advantages and disadvantages. Some people may choose to remain in prison to be punished in other ways rather than experiencing the pain due to flogging. That particular prisoner may face a family breakup, lose employment, lose a family relationship, and many others. Thus, it is good to make some choices wisely to ensure several advantages than disadvantages are enjoyed.


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