Free Essay on the Benefits of Going to College

Published: 2018-04-10
Free Essay on the Benefits of Going to College
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College Financial Aid

Gibson, K. C. (2014). “I Can’t Afford Not to Go to College!”: An Analysis on the Effects of Financial Aid on the Human Capital Investment Decision.

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The summary: this article was published in 2014 with the aim of showing the effect of financial aid on college education. It relates the financial aid that students get the motivation they get and perform well in college. The article covers a study that was done to show the effect of loans on college students graduating from college. The result showed that college loans had a positive impact on the number of those who attend college.

The use: the relevant information in this article that I will use in my research is to show the positive effect the loans have on the performance of students, and in turn, good performance aids them in getting well-paying jobs. I select this source since it answers some part of the question of my research.

Financial Success, Health, Family Stability and Societal Connections

Hout, M. (2012). Social and economic returns to college education in the United States. Annual Review of Sociology, 38, 379-400.

The summary: written in 2012 by Michael Hout, the intended audience of the publication are parents and students as well as the government of US. He intended to show how college education relates with social and economic outcomes. Among this include, financial success, health, family stability and societal connections. The article also proves that pursuing college education has a direct impact on the improvement of the economic status of communities, states and the nation at large.

The use: it is an essential article in this research that it outlines the economic and social benefits of college education. The article is answering the question on the economic importance of college education. It will help me in developing my research project well.

Is College Worth It?

Oreopoulos, P., & Petronijevic, U. (2013). Making college worth it: A review of research on the returns to higher education (No. w19053). National Bureau of Economic Research.

The summary: this paper was published in 2013, and it elaborates the benefits of college education. The authors’ intent to show who benefits from a college education. Studies that are carried out by the authors depict that the incomes quality related to college education has been on the rise in recent years. The source gives potential explanations on how to make the most out of college education.

The use: this is a useful article since it provides substantial information on the analysis of the benefits of attending college. It will help me get many opinions from a comprehensive perspective regarding how students can even utilize their college time to earn real money in the job market.

Should Everyone Go to College?

Sawhill, Isabel and Stephanie Owen. "Should Everyone Go To College? | Brookings Institution". Brookings, 2013,

The summary: this piece was published in 2013 by Brookings. The intended readers of the article include parents, guardians, students and scholars. Sawhill and Stephanie explicitly talk about the advantages that are associated with college education including better financial earnings, job satisfaction, social interaction and improved health. The piece also covers the aspect of the value of teaching that is gained from attending college. In general, the article gives a description of how a college degree is a prerequisite for the success of a person in life.

The use: this is an important article because it proves the perspective of the positive implications that college education brings to the students. It will help me to identify the benefits that come with a college degree in the life of a person. The idea that I get from this article is that college education is necessary for the financial stability and job security of a student in future.

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