Reflective Essay on Plagiarism

Published: 2023-01-29
Reflective Essay on Plagiarism
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Notably, plagiarism is a critical academic crime which most students have a problem dealing with while in school. It is also a violation of journalist moral code as it is wrongfully using ideas and words of other people and representing it as their own. I did not consider the real impact that plagiarism has on the society and measures which are in place to stop the growing menace. That is, how people have suffered trying to prove their various ideas, languages, expressions and thoughts in a society whose focus is on education (Gliner, Morgan, & Leech, 2011).

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Moreover, there are visible achievements in the fight against plagiarism, and a lot is achievable if it is eliminated. Currently, I fully understand that the right to own property is violated when plagiarism is in effect; it is like stealing a car from someone. However, it is possible to avoid it by citing research, ideas and theories which enhanced the paper but were somebody else information.

Besides, it impacts others very negatively in that their professional life is destroyed. It happens as they will lack any moral grounds to hold any office affecting their entire career (Gliner, Morgan, & Leech, 2011). Thus, they will get fired and finding another of the same nature is a hard task. Arguably, in most cases, this leads to depression hence health deterioration. Secondly, if they take the matter to court, then the problem is greater as copyright rules are absolute (Ho, 2015). Authors can reap big from this if his or her rights happen to be violated by getting high amounts of money in terms of compensation. It is very unethical to plagiarize someone's work as a professional. Thirdly, research that is copied, especially if it is medically related can lead to loss of lives. For instance, it is bizarre to treat someone without the knowledge on how to, therefore, trying to copy another person can backfire greatly leading to catastrophic effects.

Moreover, the consequences are far-reaching if a company is involved in plagiarism through one of its workers. As its reputation gets destroyed and when taken to court, it experiences high losses through court cases and compensation to those who are affected (Ho, 2015). Authors whose work is stolen undergo a lot of problems trying to prove they own the content. And in most cases, it involves court case hence affecting their ability to conduct other jobs. On the other hand, it destroys academic integrity as scholars show they do not have the competence of producing original work and therefore have to steal that of others. In a school set up strict rules are in place and students involved in this act may be suspended or worse expelled (Ho, 2015). They may face challenges of entering other colleges as their academic record may reflect the offences they have committed. While most people do not consider it a crime, it can, however, lead to copyright infringement.

Finally, after learning the topic, I concluded that plagiarists are heartless people who do not respect others and act on ignorance. Therefore rightful punishment should be accorded to them as there is a need to eliminate plagiarism and create an ethical society. Most individuals also do not know anything about plagiarism and its effects; therefore, they need education so that they may understand why it is discouraged. For instance, stealing another person car may be considered a severe crime than doing the same to an individual's book on a general perception. And yet they might have used more time on it. Therefore, to create a plagiarism-free world, all players must take their role seriously.


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