Essay Sample: Reflection Paper on Rugby World Cup 2017

Published: 2022-11-22
Essay Sample: Reflection Paper on Rugby World Cup 2017
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The meanings of statements are profoundly reliant on the words chosen and how they are pronounced in a specific context. Transcriptions attempt to recreate a picture of an event in the minds of the readers. They are thus very wordy as evident in the audio file descriptions. Transcriptions are often detailed and rich in literary skills to capture aspects such as speed of the game, emphasis, tone, atmosphere and other elements that one would experience in a multimedia setting. Pauses and intonations in transcription are vital elements of interpreting data and recreating the events in the readers' cognitions.

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The media representation reproduces the live event by constructing objects of reality in the listeners' minds. The media uses factors of identity to identify the various players involved in the game and vivid narrations recreate the event in the minds of listeners. For instance, during the rugby world cup, the media describes various players and their profiles. The presentation of identities not only considers how the personalities are represented but also how the audience will receive and interpret them. The transcription reproduces the media representation by explaining in detail the activities that took place during the subject event. Additionally, transcription employs phonetics and orthography to capture the attention of the audience. Different words are pronounced differently in various parts of the world. Depending on the teams that are playing, the transcription of the rugby match considers the dialects and nationalities of the teams and their potential audiences. Through a combination of phonetics and orthography, transcription captures the direct relationship between sounds and symbols creating a more explicit narration of events than it would have been when using traditional writing.

The transcriber's role in the analysis is to ascertain that all relevant details are captured in the transcribed text in a bid to make a concise text representation of an event such as the rugby world cup match. An additional role of transcribers is to translate the industry-specific jargon into texts that are long-form and employ terms relevant to a specific event. The transcription cannot capture all aspects of a live event. As a result, the transcriber is tasked with determining what to include and what to disregard. The limitation mainly comes from the choices of words and statements since a transcription has to be rich in content and must not be excessively wordy. For example, in the rugby match file, the transcription excludes data regarding the thousands of fans in the game, their reactions and arrangements in the field. It only notes their reactions during the high-tension moments of the game such as when a team attempts to score a try. The exclusions matter because they differentiate a reader of the transcription from a person who attended the live event. However, the exclusions allow more analysis and descriptions of the actual events in the field as is the case with the rugby match.

The chosen transcription notation determines the nature of data in that a reader can tell factors such as pace and pressure of a live game from reading a transcribed text. Notation has to be selected in a way that it represents all the articulator positions in a vocal tract. Notation further invokes readers to create linkages between concepts and past experiences regarding the subject matter. It thus provides an interactive approach to transcription leading to a better convention and relatable experience.

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