Career Essay Sample with Reflection on Received 360 Degree Feedback

Published: 2019-06-06
Career Essay Sample with Reflection on Received 360 Degree Feedback
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After writing my professional statements on punctuality, appropriate dressing, courtesy, motivation and following the chain of command, I requested some feedback from my group members. Their feedback was encouraging as well as demanding. In this regard, they stipulated several things that I had to do in order to achieve my professional statements. In an honest way, they poured their hearts on what they thought about my statements. Although they all acknowledged the challenges that I will encounter, they agreed that the statements were achievable. Specifically, some argued that punctuality in the workplace is not something one does not strive to achieve. However, factors beyond an individuals control such as traffic jams, accidents can negatively impact punctuality.

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On appropriate dress codes in the workplace, most of my group members argued that decent dressing is in the eyes of the dresser. As such, they argued that different people will view a single dress code differently. However, they advised that a good and decent dress code that is official depending on the type of work is important. Additionally, they acknowledged the importance of following the chain of command. As such, the group members agreed on the respect of all people in the organization. They, however, warned that an individual might go to the wrong person due to lack of knowledge.

The general remarks were that the professional statements that I articulated were the most basic and fundamentally necessary for the proper coexistence of the employee and employer as well as among employees themselves. Additionally, the comments were mostly encouraging than de-motivating. As a result, I felt that I had made the right statements because my group members endorsed them. Eventually, they will help me improve my professional respect and discipline.

I totally agree with the comments from my group members because of the honesty and truthfulness displayed on them. Having analyzed my comments, the members came out with a resolution that I needed to devise ways to actualize my statements. Therefore, judging from the lack of envy in their feedback, I can categorically state that the comments were corrects and impartial. I, therefore, agree with them unconditionally.

The feedback that I received from my group members gave me the feeling of motivation and endorsement. Specifically, they boosted my morale to perform even better in the organization that I will be working. As a result, I felt very recognized and respected by the group members. The way the feedback was expressed was very frank and honest. I feel that the members were unbiased and truthful in their findings. Indeed, the feedback gave me more energy to make even more damning resolutions about my profession.

In order to improve, I will change the way I approach my fellow employees and most importantly the way I relate to them. As a result, our relationship will be improved and made more professional. Additionally, I will strive to make sure that the factors that can lead to lateness when going to work are minimized. In this regard, I will regulate those which are within my control and avoid those who are preventable. Furthermore, I will always ensure that I dress depending on the nature of the job that I perform.

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