The Use of Technology in a Math Classroom - Free Essay Sample

Published: 2020-06-18
The Use of Technology in a Math Classroom - Free Essay Sample
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Technology refers to the use of information in the design, production and utilization of products organized by human activity (Merriam, 2). Technology is applied in several places and can be divided into: tangible technology which include manuals, blueprints, prototypes etc, intangible technology which generally involves problem solving, trainings as well as consultancy. High technology is considered to be automated and intelligent that can manipulate powerful forces. The other type of technology is intermediate technology which is related to high technology because it is semi-automated and can only manipulate medium forces. Lastly, there is low technology which refers to the use of labor intensive methods that can merely manipulate weaker forces (Julius, 34).

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Technology can be used in several ways which include; marketing, communication etc. Since technology empowers one with the knowledge of creating tools, it can be considered more than just gadgets and gizmos. Computers and internet are examples of technology that are so commonly used in the modern world.

Technology has evolved so much since the stone-age days to-date. The internet has made information available to everyone and everywhere keeping use updated on the events happening around the world. Technology is mostly related with science because that is where it evolves in just about every second (Julius, 87).

This paper analyzes the use of technology in Math classes by the teachers and explores both the benefits and the drawbacks of this application of technology. It hypothesizes that the use of technology will improve the performances of both the teachers and students while minimizing their work load.

The benefits of technology use in Math classes

This refers to the effective use of technology in learning Math. Since technology is a concept, it allows the use of machines, media and other networking materials as well as looking at the theory underlying the application of these tools. The use of technology in Math class has positive impacts in improving the education over time.

We have been using technology so much and most of us have not though of the benefits it impacts in our lives because we focus more catching up with the trend in the educational sector. Technology is habitual and we cannot ignore it in this twenty first century where everything and just about everyone uses it.

Earlier on, when technology was introduced to the world, the society had varying opinions in introducing technology in education. There were both positive and negative views that could not be ignored. But as we became modernized every other day, everyone had their opinion and considered making education technology aided. Gradually, the positives outweighed the negatives and technology was embraced in educational institutions.

Technology has given education a whole new meaning that the fact that it has transformed our education system positively cannot be denied. The advancing technology is now inseparable with education and they form one awesome combination if only used with the best vision and reasons.

There have been debates comparing laptops verses textbooks and laptops have always had the winning end. To emphasize on my topic, education has been greatly improved by the incorporation of technology in the learning institutions and this has become the aim to revolutionize education for the better. With technology, it is evident that parents, students as well as teachers have a variety of tools to incorporate in their learning without fear as they know at the end they will benefit and learn more. Also, the resources that are not readily available to them can be easily accessed with technology.

The use of technology in Math classes allows the teachers to combine their own ideas with those obtained from online resources. They can communicate with their Math oriented people across the world within a flash of lightening and agree on the most refined Math problems and solutions hence providing the best to their students. This helps solve the drawbacks of their work and eventually enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of their work.

Technology can help teachers develop valuable research skills in their work as the technology gives then quick and abundance access to high quality information and other learning resources they can refer to making learning quicker and the rate of helping their students understand the subject because they have more and quality information to share with the students in class. Most students have a problem with Math and if the teachers communicate with the other teachers around the world, they are able to come up with better teaching skills as they share their experiences and the understanding they think their students have. This way, the students will also improve in class.

Some of these benefits of using technology in Math classes are directly connected with the benefits their students will reap at the end of it all. This is because the internet provides credible websites hence providing a variety of knowledge and the teachers are not limited to the opinion of a single individual.

If Math teachers adopt online teaching, they will be helping those students whose learning ability is most effective if they go on their own pace. This is because some students are shy expressing their Math problems face-t-face as well as when interacting physically with the other students. Online learning ensures that the teachers are able to help their students equally and treat them with no bias.

Because of the positive impact technology has in education, effectiveness of EdTech on Math for K-12 has been achieved. This is a technology that has made students efficiently brilliant in Math. Computer-managed learning is a program used to assess the students learning Math online and is able to assign them effective Math learning resources which they can work on to receive marks and a chart showing their progress since they joined the program to be able to assess themselves. Models such as Cognitive Tutor and I Can Learn are programs that use computer instructions as well as non-computer aided activities to help in their approach to Math. Supplemental CAI technology also has computer assisted instructions (CAI) to help students in the assessed levels improve in Math (Arthur, 28).

Research has since shown that technology application in Mathematics impacts a positive attitude of students in Math as well as produce positive effects following its adoption (Allen, 12).

Negative impacts of adoption of technology in Math classes

Even if the use of technology in Math classes has impacted positively in education, just like any other adoption, it has some drawbacks. If the Math teachers use technology inappropriately in their teaching, they can cause potential disservice to the students. Technology can be habitual leading to its overuse by the Math teaching and eventually misuse of valuable teaching time. Technology in Math classes can turn their learning experiences in class into games which could negatively affect their performance (Timothy, 1). This is because many students use computers to play games and many of the students hence may associate the technology used in Math classes for games and playing.

Many students learn Math best by interacting physically and mentally with their teachers and what they are studying. If most of the Math classes are conducted with technologies such as computers, the needs of these students may not be met. Technology hence should be done only to satisfy the curriculum and not as the only learning method. Teachers are supposed to use the little time available in Math classes in the most valuable way possible and if these teachers are not experiences in technology, a lot of time is taken in technical problems (Timothy, 11).

To add to the injury, the Math teacher may face difficulties when they have a full classroom of students with different levels of technological know-how. Most students in the twenty first century have computers and internet but schools in remote area may have a large portion of their students with little or no computer knowledge and experience. It is important to teach these students in technology, but it has to be done in a technology that meets the individual pace (Eric, 486-512)


Today, the issue is not whether to allow the application of technology in Math classes, or rather in education, but it is on how to improve the technology we have to be more effective and efficient. I therefore encourage the use of technology by Math teachers because it has improved education and it has impacted positively today and in the near future. Schools are highly adopting the use of technology in Math classes and the performance of the students who are exposed to large volumes of technology us perform as the teachers would expect on all the standardized tests (Allen, 45). However, the Math instructors using technology should take note of the hindrances associated with the use of technology.

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