Essay Example Describing the Avon Case Study

Published: 2022-08-26
Essay Example Describing the Avon Case Study
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Avon Products, Inc. was originally founded with David H. McConnell. He went on a door-to-door campaign giving free samples to appeal to customers to purchase his books. The company started as a perfume company in California and has been operational for over 122 years old. Even as he sold, his books he notices customers were more interested in perfumes more than books. The company focuses on empowering women economically around the world, by starting a radical financial restructuring process. Eventually, the organization grew to become one of the bestselling cosmetics, fragrance and skin care products (Goldsmith & Carter, 2009).

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Avon Products mains purpose is to manufacture and market beauty products that are uniquely classified based on the nature of products into three different ways. Through market flexibility where they sold the products to distributors and customers' directly, the company gained outstanding profits. Even so, the leadership of the company failed the company. Through the then leader, Andrea Jung, Avon Company endured massive losses through the leaders' decision to merge and collaborate with other business (Goldsmith & Carter, 2009).

The decision was impactful since Avon Company lost its brand name and reputation that in turn led to profit reduction thus incurring great losses through the distribution of shares. Truly, diversification affected Avon negatively. Although the United States reduced sales, Europe and Russia increased but the company was still operating on losses.

The other aspect that affected Avon performance was the failure to digitize their operating systems. Unlike manual systems, the computerized system offers the advantage of accountability and provides a consistent track of the financial record. Conceptualization of technology in business promotes effectiveness and efficiency thus realization of profit. A company's leadership has the duty to incorporate change into their operation to realize business growth (Goldsmith & Carter, 2009).

Avon Company's management failed to affect the technological change thus leading to losses. Technology offers a variety of changes including online advertisements and attracting customers thus increase in profits. Avon Company lacked proper implementation plan, there was a need to advocate for change in the company.

Evidently, the employees of the organization lacked proper leadership direction for long and short-term strategies that needed urgent addressing. Lack of employee motivation challenged performance thus leading to deviation from the company's mission and vision.

The proper mechanism to identify and explore talent in Avon Company is by measuring the strength and weaknesses of the management and employees. By weighing the strength and weakness, the company will be able to increase performance and overcome rising issues. Truly, the company has talent weaknesses. The organization has poor management since it does not recognize a pool of talent that can increase the company's strategies and objectives thus help actualize its goal.

By ensuring effectiveness and efficiency, the company is able to increase productivity. Motivation is vital to performance in the case study of Avon neither were the higher or poor performers motivated. There were no cautions nor corrective measures for the poor performers. Other talent weaknesses included lack of communication and employee evaluations, employees were unaware of poor mechanism or corrective measure by management.

More so, there was no value for employees thus making them feel worthless leading to poor decision-making and a reduction in performance. Although, challenging the restricting of this talent saw Avon Company overcome challenges and meet the fundamental strategic plans and objectives of the company.


The Avon Company CEO Andrea Jung assumed control over the association's authority in 1999. Through this time of administration, she subjected the association to exceptional changes in approach and key advancement that had extreme effects. As per this case study, the fundamental ideal for change where the central goal is to guarantee that factors affecting the performances of the Avon organization efficiency are legitimately tended to. Experienced and trained personnel were consolidated in investigating the association's strategic plan. The end goal is to counsel and guide the association to meets its center goals and objectives. Suggestions from the consultants were compiled upon the rebuild of Avon Organization's center objectives.

The means in which Avon Organization needs to execute dependent on the expert's suggestions are the workers' adaptability. In that employees, should embrace another model of execution with the end goal to trigger remarkable productivity.

The direness of progress is imperative for implementation as this methodology unquestionably upgrades obsession. With key crucial systems that guarantee that the product of the organization is adequately circulated to stores in a convenient manner. Therein, maintaining a strategic distance from wasteful aspects (Mullins & Walker, 2013).

Vision and communication changes are other suggestions inside the change model. Experts prescribe the organization's administration ought to viably conform to all together for the company to meet its key objectives and goals (Strang, 2015). Vision influences the organization's workers to perform amazingly by guaranteeing viable efficiency. Communication within the change procedure influences the sales of more items, which consequently increases profit in the organization. This specific methodology can be accomplished through the conceptualization of the change process.

Structure and methodology changes are appropriate methodologies which the organization needs to adopt into its functional tool. In turn, Avon Organization will gain a niche in the domestic market. The primary significances of this change step are to affect the organization performance positively. In that, leadership initiative and a choice are grasped and executed to increment of organizational objectives (Mullins & Walker, 2013).

The fuse of technology and innovation into the organization guarantees the remarkable productivity of the company. The utilization of the internet can pitch its products to new clients comprehensively; this is fundamentally accomplished through a rebuild of the present framework. Administration and authoritative plans are the most critical perspectives that should be joined inside the Avon Organization.

Talent shortcomings are the principal factors that undermine the idea of the Avon Organization tasks. High performance is accomplished through competition and inspiration. Talent challenge is really accomplished by changing over shortcomings into qualities.


One of the primary mechanisms in which information can be procured is through precise evaluations. Change inside the company can be accomplished when the directors and administrators guarantee that criticism is imparted successfully to the staff (Stein, 2005).

There are distinctive kinds of assessment systems that incorporate individual assessment and group assessment procedures. According to the Avon Organization, case studies are distinctive assessment procedures which improve execution and productivity. Talent challenge is one of the elements that adversely influenced the performance of Avon. After the realization of the significance of talent management to the organization, Avon's objectives and goals were changed. The administration is another essential perspective that expected to change with the end goal to fortify the use of technology in the performance of the company (Strang, 2015).

At the point when management stays unblemished with the representatives through successful feedback, they can guarantee viability inside the company (Stein, 2005). It is vital to guarantee that dynamic leadership transition is required with the end goal to impact talent.

Likewise, the degree through which libertarian talent, at last, improves the Avon Organization by employing and utilizing a high pool of talent. Criticism between the employees and administration is extremely noteworthy in guaranteeing that high performance is accomplished inside the organization. On account of the poor performance, it is critical to guarantee that proper training is given with the end goal to revise the execution efficiency.


The joining and the merging of Avon Organization items with different firms in the mid-1990 subjected the company to another corporate culture. Culture is one of the center mainstays of the organization as it involves approaches and vital plans that administer the association's tasks and exercises. Viable and effective management of culture certainly improves higher incomes. In view of this case analysis, the usage of the proposals has positively influenced. Through changing the idea of management, workforce abilities and the extent of culture, that has improved business execution (Collings, 2014).

Talent management is another accomplishment that Avon has fittingly figured it out. Talent shortcomings and difficulties have been rebuilt in the most suitable shape as the company's communication mechanism. Evidently, evolving through appropriate input reaction between the administration and workers. The workforce's exemplary performance has affected the organization's key goals and objectives (Collings, 2014).

Another aspect that should be actualized with the end goal to guarantee the objectives are completely consolidated inside the company is the online business. This is the most essential tool to guarantee that the organization's products are open to more clients. Technology likewise expands the management's communication with its staff and clients through powerful input response.

Execution of the Avon Organization's consultant proposals has unquestionably improved systems that guarantee the domestic market is extraordinarily accomplished. In addition, commencement and innovation of new authoritative brand models have expanded more prominent overall revenues inside the organization (Strang, 2015).


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