Free Essay. Raspberry Pi 3 B+ Security Camera

Published: 2023-01-17
Free Essay. Raspberry Pi 3 B+ Security Camera
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The Raspberry Pi 3 B+ security camera is the current product in the Raspberry Pi 3 model as it seeks to make surveillance to be improved. It has a processor that is quicker with a 64-bit quad core processor compared to the later models, dual-band of 2.4 GHz and 5GHz wireless LAN with an update of an Ethernet chip and PoE capabilities which is through a different PoE HAT. It upholds similar mechanical footprints as both the Raspberry Pi 2 model B and Raspberry Pi 3 model B. the single board credit card size computer can be used for many applications which are far better than the previous models. By using the secure shell (SSH), one can connect remotely from a computer, the data collected by the camera. It, therefore, forms an ideal solution for powerful connected designs. The paper seeks to opine the technologies used in the model of the security camera and why they were specifically used. Moreover, the paper seeks to expound on how they work together with their relation to the technologies presented in class.

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Technologies used in the Raspberry Pi 3 B+ Model

The technologies used in the model are in the form of features present in it. They include;

Quad Core Processor

A quad-core processor consists of four independent unit processors which are generally faster as compared to the dual processor when carrying out general computing. Each program works on its own to increase the speed of achieving the required tasks. Therefore, it connotes that information from the security camera will be relayed to the connected email at faster and increased rates (Aursang, Dixit, & Dube, 2016 since each core operates in conjunction with the other circuits in the system, including memory management, input, and output ports. The quad processors are used since they increase the flow of data throughout the system than the dual-core processors.

Ethernet Chip

The Ethernet chip technology forms the connecting networks especially Local Area networks (LAN) that enables several devices to communicate with each other through a stringent set of rules of the common network communication language (Zhao, 2015). The use of wireless LAN and Bluetooth networks are also available. Ethernet ensures that the devices can format and transmit data packages for the other devices found in local areas that are alike can be in a position to recognize, receive, and process them. Ethernet is less vulnerable to disruptions neither from radio waves interference nor physical barriers (Dahoumane & Haddadi, 2017). It offers network security and control at a far much greater degree than wireless technologies since such devices have to connect using physical cabling. Therefore, making accessibility to the network by outsiders to be cumbersome. It is thus used in the model of the security camera to connect the Raspberry Pi easily to the internet.

RAM of 1GB

The Random Access Memory is the computer's area of storage of data and the codes of the machine that are being used currently. The RAM allows quick location of specific information required by the reader as it serves as the main memory of the camera. Through the ram, it is easier to run bigger and more powerful applications found in the security camera.

Micro SD Card

The technology of using a micro SD card in the security camera is to ensure data that is collected is stored in a centralized place. The micro SD card transfers recorded data at great speeds of up to 80 megabytes per second which is a very fast speed for recording data and enabling the owner to view the recorded data which has a high-resolution power. Therefore, the SD card slot in the security camera is used to ensure that information is stored together with the loading of one's operating systems. Also, the card ensures that the data that was stored can be easily retrieved by the owner of the camera to gather information.

DSI Touch Screen Display

Technology has evolved from keyboard buttons to touch screen displays, and the Raspberry's security camera is not left behind. The Display Serial Interface (DSI) ports found in the security camera are for display purposes (Zhao, Jegatheesan, & Loon, 2015). It supports the display of the camera as it eradicated the use of physical devices such as the keyboard or mouse which were in the older models. The latest model, including the Raspberry Pi 3 B+ model, is supported with a ten-finger touch together with an on-screen keyboard. The programs are touch-enabled for better and full functionality of the security camera. It is used to allow easier programming, making earning easier of the device, and there is no need for plugging in the physical mouse or keyboard.

Motion Detection

Motion detectors are another form of technology used in the Raspbarian security camera. These devices devised for detecting objects that are in motion. They are integrated with alert systems that give a warning if any sign of movement is detected by the security cameras. Motion detectors found in the security systems can detect heat or infrared energy which activates the sensors in the device surrounding the area of movement, thereby, creating a protective grid. The motion pie enables a strong functioning security hub for one's home, office, or anywhere else, the set-up is being used (Poole, 2015). Moreover, the setup allows the taking of still images at specific intervals or motion movies or videos when motion is triggered. Security cameras are fitted with the technology of motion detectors to capture any form of movement that is out of the ordinary.

Alert Systems

Alert systems are methods in which the owner of the security camera system can know or get information on whether his home or office is secure or there are intruders. If there is any motion detected or still images recorded in the micro SD card, the camera triggers an alert system that allows the owner to be informed (Raja, 2016). The warning reaches the owner, for instance, through his/ her email address or a drop box. The streams of videos or pictures captured by the security camera allow easy relaying of information such as a break-in, or attempted break-in, etc. the alert systems, therefore, are crucially important in the Raspbarian security camera.

Micro USB Power Source

The universal serial bus (USB) is a convenient method of providing power supply to the security camera as it charges devices up to a limit of 500mA. Also, it can be used as a way of developing interconnections with simplified peripheral devices together with allowing the transfer of data from one device to the other at great speeds (Raja & Naveedha, 2016). The micro USB power source, therefore, provides an in-directional flow of power from the host to the security camera. The USB ports also are used to connect other devices to the security camera like a physical keyboard or mouse when the touchpad fails to function properly,

Working of the Technologies

The technologies have been installed together in the Raspberry Pi 3 B+ security camera to work hand in hand to promote the efficacy of the device. All the technologies are single-handedly installed in the operating system of the security camera and working to give results. These technologies ensure they perform their work individually yet in conjunction with the others to provide effective functioning of the device. Without one or the other technology, the device would prove to be rather ineffective.

Information is acquired through the motion detectors; it is then processed by the quad-core processors at high speed, using the Ethernet network connection, the information is stored in the micro SD card and is relayed in the form of alerts to the owner of where the security camera systems have been installed. The touchscreen display enables the user to enter and retrieve information stored both in the RAM and in the micro SD card (Poole, 2015). Therefore, through the proper working of the device, prevention of break inns robberies or thefts are avoided. It ensures that the owner feels secure in his or her own home or office etc.

Relation to Technologies in Lectures

The Raspberry Pi devices are catatonic to the security camera as they possess the current technological advancements for proper efficacy of the device. The hardware used, for instance, keyboard, processors, micro SD card, or even the RAM, are similar to those discussed in class. Moreover, the use of operating systems software can control peripheral devices (Upadhyay, Borole, & Dileepan, 2016). The networking methods, especially by use of Ethernet, allows fast and proper transmission of data from one place to another. Therefore, the two are related as they incorporate the same hardware, software, and even technologies.


In conclusion, it is evident that the Raspberry Pi 3 B+ security cameras are installed with different and unique technologies that ensure the efficacy of the device. All these technologies including quad-core processors, Ethernet chips, RAM, micro SD cards, motion detectors, and even alerts all work hand in hand to provide the best security to the owner of the home or business. The owner feels satisfied since this serves as the latest model with discoveries that improve the security offered by the camera. Indeed I would recommend people to use this security system


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