Ramifications of Not Involving Nurse in Implementation of Health Information Technology

Published: 2022-08-18
Ramifications of Not Involving Nurse in Implementation of Health Information Technology
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Patient-centered practices revolve around the roles of nurses in healthcare organizations. Nurses play an essential role in the medical practices. They act as a medium that helps the healthcare organization in the process of transforming into a patient-centered approach was delivering services to improve patients' satisfaction (Eden et al. 2016). Electronic information technology is one of the useful tool proposed that healthcare organization improve patient care. However, most organizations have failed to benefit from electronic health technology due to several barriers that reduce the adoption process to the system. Nurses help to increase the adoption of health information technology and to eliminate or not involving nurses; organization stands a chance of not attaining patient satisfaction by reducing patient safety and reducing the affordability of services due to increased operational cost.

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Reduce Patient Safety

Lathrop and Hodnicki, (2014) claim that care needs to reflect state law controlling the nature of nursing practices as well as responsibility and the landscape of nurses within the exercise. For instance, health care organization may be assigned the role of feeding in prescription medications in the EHR, but do not have the power to approve the medications excerpt by guidelines of physicians practices. Involvement of nurses' informants in system analysis and requirement stage of EHR development will exploit the effectiveness within the nursing scope of the license. When nurse informants miss in system and analysis change stage, the organization stands a chance of reducing patient safety, since it would be aware of the state nursing practice.

Increase operational cost

Due to the training from the baccalaureate program, nurses are well acquainted with patient care knowledge and technology use among other topics. Since Health Information Technology is built on the concept of patient-centered, nurses can train other health care providers (Staggers et al. 2018). For example, at the hospital level, nurses can fill most of the training and super-user roles during implementation to prepare colleagues.

Moreover, after the execution of the system, they can continue to train new employees and to offer support during system upgrades. Without involving them, it suggests that other health care providers, especially the new employees due to their incompetence they can mishandle the system raising the need of repairing system, which maybe was not involved in the organization budget. An organization is likely to run into loses due to high operation cause and less profit from under-utilized resources, because of incompetency among the healthcare team; hence it ends up increasing cost of care to maintain facilities in the organization.


Nurses play a vital role in helping organizations achieve healthcare organization due to the nature of the role that rotates around patient care, hence without them organizations risk to reduce health outcome.


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