The 5S System Lean Manufacturing Methodology. Free Essay

Published: 2023-09-08
The 5S System Lean Manufacturing Methodology. Free Essay
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5S is a systematic form of visual management utilizing everything from floor tape to manuals of operations. 5S is all about maximizing the profit and efficiency of a company. 5S system focuses on the use of a certain mindset and tools to create value and efficiency. In simple terms, the 5S are the terms used to describe the steps of visual management. The 5S methodology is employed in the manufacturing industry to enhance the effectiveness of all the processes in that firm. The 5S strategy is essential since it increases productivity, health, quality, as well as safety. This paper will provide an analysis of the 5S system lean manufacturing methodology, which is set in order, sort, shine, standardize, and sustain as well as their application in today’s manufacturing world.

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Sort as a system lean manufacturing methodology involves sorting all the items in a location and removing unnecessary items from the location. It is the process of selecting what is needed in the manufacturing process and setting it aside from unwanted items (Agrahari et al. 182). The main goal of this methodology is to reduce destruction during manufacturing by the unnecessary things, make inspection easier before starting the production process, and enhance the safety of the manufacturers by removing protection and increasing the area where the manufacturing process will occur.

Sort can be used in manufacturing companies such as car manufacturing, where the company has to make divisions of the available space into zones where different activities will take place and assign the managers of those places ( Agrahari et al. 182). Also, the red tag area will be identified, which will have items that are not used at the initial manufacturing stage.

Sorting of items is based on the purpose of the item, that is, what the thing will perform, how frequently the tool will be used, and the tool important in the manufacturing process. Unnecessary details are red-tagged while those that are incompletely unnecessary are disposed of. This process is applied in the manufacturing flour company where maize is sorted, and that which has good quality are used for manufacturing the flour.

Set In Order

Set in order involves placing the items in their respective area of work. It is the second step of the 5S. Set in order can also be referred to as straightening out or simplifying or systematic organization. This step aims to organize the work area. Set to entails placing items in a place that can be found quickly and be returned easily (Agrahari et al. 184). The frequently used items should be placed where they can be easily traced. Items that are shared should be placed in a central location where each of the workers can access them.

This strategy of setting in order can be applied in the car manufacturing company where items can be located in the workplace basing on the frequency of usage, storing items that are less used in the manufacturing process away. Also, placing items that are used jointly together so that the workers can minimize time wastage in looking for the items.


Shine, as highlighted in the 5S lean methodology, means keeping everything clean and swept. Shine as a manufacturing method involves cleaning the workplace through sweeping the workplace and later inspecting the workplace in regularly paying attention to the machines and tools that will be used for production (Agrahari et al. 185). This step helps in keeping the workplace clean and safe for work. Cleaning also involves keeping away the materials and tools of manufacturing.

Shine level entails conducting maintenance of the machinery and equipment regularly. Shinning of the workplace is the duty of each staff of the industry; they need to clean up their workplace. Each person cleaning their work makes the workers responsible and owns their space; hence people will be more invested in their duties in the industry.

Car manufacturing company applies this strategy by determining the shining targets that are which places need to be cleaned. Determination of shining assignments whether roles will be delegated to workers as well as informing them of the methods that they will use to clean the places so that they can shine. Additionally, preparing the tools to be used in making the workplace shine.


Standardizing involves the process involved to clean, order, and sort the workplace in simple terms. Standardizing consists of creating a consistent manner of performing tasks and procedures. It is implemented to ensure that their work does not go to the initial stage before they perform a sort, set in order, and shine. This being the fourth stage entails writing down what is being done at each level, who will be assigned that role, and the procedures involved in performing the duties( Agrahari et al. 186). This step is facilitated by proper communication. Standardizing steps can be made effective by using standardizing tools such as 5S checklists, procedure signs, and labeling and job cycle charts.

Car manufacturing companies can implement standardization through using several strategies such as checking how the 3S initial steps have been accomplished, prevention of accumulation unnecessary items as well as the setting of strategy to prevent going back to the initial stage before they had performed the three stages which are sorting, setting in order and shinning of the workplace.


Sustain is also referred to as the self-discipline of the workers. Sustain is, in simple terms, involves workers doing their work without being supervised. Sustain is the process of ensuring the 5S is running effectively and keeping everyone in the company involved. In simple terms, sustaining involves regularly maintaining proper manufacturing procedures for the achievement of high production (Agrahari et al. 187). All the workers in the industry work together from the managers to the employees. Sustain involves assigning responsibilities and tracking the progress of the firm.

Sustain is the last step of 5S; it involves redoing lean manufacturing steps because it is a continuous process. The sustenance of the firm can be performed through the use of certain elements. Sustaining can be done through using of management support where supervisors are involved in auditing the 5S work processes and getting workers feedback—making use of departmental tours were workers in different visit departments and familiarize with the whole process of production, performing audits as well as evaluations.

Car manufacturing company applies this stage through the creation of awareness to the workers on the 5S what it is all about and how it helps the company in its manufacturing process—formulating a structure of how all the steps will be conducted, provision of support from the management in terms of resources and leadership. Workers that are performing well need to be recognized and rewarded for acting as a form of motivation to the other workers to offer their best in the company to achieve maximum production.


The majority of the companies in the world are adopting the strategies of lean manufacturing. The 5S system is an excellent beginning point which helps in enhancing production in manufacturing companies. The 5S is; first, the sort which involves placing products in the area where they will be used and how they will be used in manufacturing. Secondly, set in order, which helps to make all tools visible and easy to allocate because this step involves specifying each position of the tools.

Thirdly, shine, which entails cleaning of the workplace in the car manufacturing industry it involves cleaning and oiling the machines to be used in production to enhance smooth working and maximize production. Fourth is standardize, which consists of upholding the three initial stages so that the production process does not go back to the initial stage. Lastly, sustain, which is a step that makes sure that the previously completed steps are performed severally in the manufacturing process.

Work Cited

Agrahari, R. S., P. A. Dangle, and K. V. Chandratre. "Implementation of 5S methodology in the small scale industry: A case study." International Journal of Scientific & Technology Research 4.4 (2015): 180-187.

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