Ethics Essay Example: All Abortions Are Selfish

Published: 2022-10-18
Ethics Essay Example: All Abortions Are Selfish
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In our current society ethical issues has been on the rise especially when it comes to abortion. The stereotype has seen the society criticizes about abortion. There has a notion of good and bad abortion within our ethnic. Hence, most women are left debating among themselves if to abort or not despite the challenges they are facing. Young women are mostly the victim of everlasting battle as well as the ethical dilemmas. Do they remain to ask queries such as; whether ready enough for the baby right at the moment? Is there requirement to have a child? personally, I think there no such thing as good abortion, it all depends on the circumstances that result into the cause of abortion. I think women should not be considered selfish through their decision of abortion. For instance, let states the reason behind the decision to abort to be unpreparedness to have a child, financial constraints for the child brought up, no support for the child from involved parties. At this point having a decision to have the abortion is most reasonable despite the theoretical and stereotype point view of society in general about abortion as an act of murder. Therefore, this essay seeks to argue whether it is a woman indulge in abortion for selfish reason and clarify that women have the different reason to have an abortion.

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I would consider abortion as a selfish act or a way in which people especially those involved as a way of avoiding responsibility. This is because I think it's always the male and the female choice to get themselves pregnant. Even though there are many situations in which abortion becomes unclear if it should be considered as a moral or an immoral decision. In a situation where both male and female willingly had unprotected sex this can be considered a selfish act and disregard of human life. (Gueren, 2017) I would think that it hard for one to just live with the idea that the abortion was out of inconvenience of having the child. Other question that could be asked like what if the woman did not have full access to contraceptive. Others may argue what if she was vulnerable or what if she was disempowered? But the argument I'm basing on is the fact that if they were involved in a willingly unprotected sex even if another factor may be considered the act Is still selfish. Especially if the people involved are adults, with enough resources to buy contraceptives and also have enough capital to raise the child. Their other factor I would consider like if both parents didn't have a committed relationship and there is no feeling both parents getting together. Because I'm very cautious with birth control doesn't mean that other people aren't careless. I think I would consider factor like if contraceptive fails to work would there are a better basis for abortion that if both parent lack to use protected sex. It's true that we are humans but it is essential to rationalize different situations. (Wright, 2018) Its true accident happens in life and the things we unconsciously do in life would result in the death of others but what bothers is the fact people don't know their ethics.

Abortion can be considered a very selfish act. As we consider the Canada where its legal to perform up to about 20 weeks or even later. Considering the time, the fetus is 20 weeks already most of the major organs have started developing. The brain of the fetus is also developed which means that the body cells of the child are fully developed like that of a full-grown man. It is justifiable that within the 20 weeks the fetus can hear sounds and sleep as well. If you consider aborting such a pre-born baby it would merely mean that you have killed a human being. Just because the baby is not yet seen it doesn't mean that the child is not alive. Hence when you are carrying on with abortion its nothing but a selfish act.

On the other hand, abortion is not always a selfish act. The reason I would consider abortion not a selfish act is the fact that if the parent is not ready and prepared to bring up the child or even take care of the child. (Gueren, 2017) I would consider it selfish to give birth to such a child. Its true that there are is always adoption option for the child but for one to raise a child, finance and proper medical care for the child is Important. In other instance where the child has a significant disability or deformity where the situation can bring suffering to the unborn child. Considering abortion on such cases shouldn't be considered selfish act. Hence it could be selfish is such a child is born.

There are concepts that many people carry along, comprising of "good reason to get the abortion". (Reid, 2017) They usually consider victims of circumstance such as rape case, Medical report to get rid of pregnancy if it endangers patient lives, or pregnancy resulting from an abuse. Society has the notion of a "bad abortion" which include getting rid of the fetus in case of disabilities that child may have and the women feel she is not equipped to carry along with the pregnancy. Perhaps, some get the abortion because of already overwhelmed number of children they already have.

Women should have the right to choose whether to abort or not, for some contradictory circumstances the choice to conduct abortion are justifiable but indeed purely careless cases of abortion still happen. Where the woman knows at their back of their mind that they have an alternative in case something went unexpectedly. For instance, young girls know they can become pregnant for carelessness in safe sex practices. In this case, if the teenagers knew the consequences of becoming pregnant was to keep the child, they would put caution. Without any doubt, the number of teens becoming pregnant would decrease. (, 2013) Coercion and control can be another pressurizing tool to abortion. This usually happens through pressure from family to abort the fetus of the wrong gender. The world we are living in place women liable for abortion cases which should not be the case. Gender-based abortion though excised is not mandatory to give abortion method we approved

In conclusion its correct to consider abortion as immoral and evil. The fact that abortion has a negative image in our life. Abortion can be considered wrong because they are not will to take any responsibility for their action. But sadly, is also important to consider that sometimes it narrows down to the woman decision based on her body and the impact pregnancy has on her life. Different people will have a different view about abortion but some situation people are hard to cope with having children in their life and also in the situation of disability opting for abortion it should not be a bad option.

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