Essay Sample on Moulin de la Galette

Published: 2019-10-02
Essay Sample on Moulin de la Galette
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Q5. moulin de la galette

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How does this artist exemplify the impressionist style? Explain using at least three examples?

The artist is able to exemplify the impressionist style through the artist focusing on using brightly colored brush strokes opting to blend colors that are able to suit them well. Generally he refused on using black connecting the absence of different outlines. Additionally, he applied the use of soft colors combining it with vibrantly colored picture showing impressionist style. Lastly he uses light in dance at the figure with the sketchiness involved just show impressionist style.

Q6. falling water (edgar Kauffmann house), mill run


What was this architects main goal with regard to buildings and their surroundings? How did he achieve that here?

The architects major goal was to fulfil the general occurrence of nature as the building is built to resemble nature in the existing environment. He achieved this through persistency in his hard work that was shown through his drawing and plan.

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