Free Essay: Purpose and Value of Integrated Marketing Communications

Published: 2022-04-18
Free Essay: Purpose and Value of Integrated Marketing Communications
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An Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC) is an organizational system that ensures that all forms of communication and messages are coupled together. At the basic level, the Integrated Marketing Communication aids in the integration of different promotional tools to make them work together in harmony. In Campbell's Soups, the communication tools often work together if they are linked rather than when they are subjected to isolation. The main purpose of the IMC is to enhance brand awareness. Before Campbell's Soups Company offer services or sell certain products, it often involves in the creation of brand awareness in different target markets to showcase their products to the potential customers.

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Through an Integrated Marketing Communication, businesses are able to persuade their customers to buy diverse products (Yeshin, 2012). The persuasion may involve developing favorable brand attitude among the customers. A business entity may evaluate the attitudes of buyers towards its brand after or even before the marketing campaign to identify if there is any improvement. Lastly, the purpose of an Integrated Marketing Communication is to facilitate sales promotions with the aim of driving revenues and business in a short-term period. For instance, it can be used in building the customer base and generating cash flows within a business. An Integrated Marketing Communication often comes with different values although in most cases, its implementation requires a lot of effort. It often boosts profits and sales, enhance competitive advantage, while saving time, money and stress. An Integrated Marketing Communication circulates and facilitates communication among customers thereby enabling them to move through different stages of buying processes. Through IMC, an organization concurrently secures its image, nurture its relationship with customers and develop a dialogue with the stakeholders.

The Campbell's also called Campbell Soup Company, is an American organization involved in the production of canned Soups and other related products that are distributed globally. The Companies headquarter is in Camden New Jersey. The organization has three major production lines: the "baked snacks" which is mainly focused on the production of Pepperidge Farm, the "Simple Meals" focused in the production of soups that are often condensed or packed ready for sales and the "health beverage" which concentrates on the production V8 juices (Non-Cyclicals, & Year, 2018). The Campbell Soup Company manufactures different high-quality soups as well as simple meals, snacks, fresh packaged food products and beverages. The organization is inspired and driven by the company's main purpose; "The Real Food that Matters for Life's Moment." For many years, most customers trust the Campbell Soup Company as the producer of authentic, readily available and flavored beverages and food products that link them to each other, to memorable moments in their history of purchases. Guided by the iconic Campbell Soup Company's brand, the organization's portfolio goes beyond the production of soup to food products such as Goldfish crackers and Royal Dank biscuits (Non-Cyclicals, & Year, 2018). Guided by the CEO and President Denise Morrison, the organization is reshaping the production processes to meet sustainable growth and to promote shareholder values. The organization also aims at expanding to different high growth spaces including the development of new segments, categories, geographies, and channels. The company is continuously involved in strengthening its diverse product lines to meet the demands of the customer's demands in terms of quality and volume of the required products.

The Campbell's Soup Company has an Integrated Marketing Communication to persuade customers of all ages. The main objective of the organization is to improve profits through expanding their sales different customers. The company, therefore, targets people of all ages through the use of an Integrated Marketing Communication system. The improvement in communication technology, as well as the development of information access such as the internet, explicates the reasons why the implementation of the integrated marketing communication is essential in Campbell's Soup Company. The IMC system aids in the delivery of consistent information about the food products so as to gain the consumer confidence from different parts of the world. Most of the Campbell's customers often seek information about the products produced by the company, there are also clients who seek to connect with other consumers through technology, it is out of these demands that Campbell's management decided to develop an Integrated Marketing Communication system. The social and work environments are changing, today, most people work through virtual offices, therefore to ensure the effective advertisement programs; The Campbell Soup Company developed an Integrated Marketing Communication to link the customers and the stakeholders for the purposes of increasing the sales.

For a company such as the Campbell Soup Company that has an Integrated Marketing Communication system, there are different marketing communication tools often used by the marketing departments. Digital advertisement system is one of the marketing communication tools that can well be integrated with the IMC. The use of ads promotes the sales of products and services. For the Campbell Soup Company, the use of ads often enables existing customers to become aware of the new brands of products produced by the company. When carrying out an advertisement, the IMC often identify the audiences and measure the effectiveness of the advertisement methodologies. Email campaigns or direct mail is another marketing communication tool that can be facilitated by the IMC system. By linking the customers and stakeholders together, email marketing become effective especially with an organization such as Campbell Soup Company that offers a variety of food products to various customers across the globe. When the organizational stakeholders are connected, mail can be used in promoting major communication systems. The use of marketing communication tools in relation to IMC facilitates the marketing techniques thereby leading to high sales and profits from food products.

For the companies of organizations that do not have Integrated Marketing Communication, the analog marketing techniques may become effective in reaching diverse customers. Webinars, seminars and trade shows can be used in marketing for organizations that do not have IMC. These tools are capable of addressing various issues in business; they are also capable of integrating customers from different markets. The use of catalogs and Newsletters may also be effective for organizations that do not have an integrated marketing communication system. The primary objective of these tools is to convene information such as the update of seminars, results of trade shows as well as announcements of new services or products in the market. These tools enhance the true value proposition and attention seeking approaches from clients or the organizational stakeholders. The use of Webinars, seminars, trade shows, catalogs and Newsletters may reduce the efforts in marketing campaigns when integrated with the integrated marketing communication system. The Integrated Marketing Campaigns often facilitates the marketing approaches since it connects different people from different geographical regions.


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