Essay Example on Computer Software Upgrade

Published: 2018-08-13
Essay Example on Computer Software Upgrade
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The company is in need of forty new computers and the CEO would like to know the viability of selling or recycling the twenty old computers that are still functioning to defray the cost of acquiring new ones. This project intends to explore the best approach in helping the company ensure it has forty well-functioning computers in place.

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In solving the computer problem in the company, focus should be on optimum configuration. Upgrading the twenty computers available should be high on the agenda. Most of the computers on the market are built to handle numerous tasks. However, they tend to be masters of no specific task. The company specializes in data entry. As such, it should have a bias towards the operating system, RAM and storage capabilities in its equipment consideration.

Upgrading the twenty computers available should be the first step in solving the problem. The move will enable sourcing for components of the best quality while at the same time fulfilling the minimum requirements set by the CEO. Quality components have longer lifespans and are cost effective in the long-run (Shaw, 2011). The firm can then conduct a market research and acquire new computers, not necessarily the best ones in the market but ones that are more responsive to its needs.

Clearly, a mix involving recycling the twenty available computers and an additional twenty new computers is the most viable option for the company. With recycling, it is able to ensure emphasis on what matters most. The cost is defrayed while the best quality components are sourced for old computers to ensure optimum and elongated performance.

The best cause of action for the company is to invest in good quality components and upgrade its current stock of computers. It can then make an addition of twenty computers whose features are biased in favor of the functionalities that are in its best interest.


Shaw, N. G. (2011). Strategies for Managing Computer Software Upgrades. Hershey, Pa: IGI Global.

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