Purdue Online Writing Lab. Free Essay

Published: 2023-11-28
Purdue Online Writing Lab. Free Essay
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Purdue OWL provides reference materials to college students carrying out personal projects or institutional assignments. This ensures that the students can carry their projects/assignments effectively and with confidence. The site not only provides reference materials to students but also to researchers carrying put their projects. Purdue OWL also provides citations and citations guides (Purdue Writing Lab). The essence of citing an article is to credit the authors of the original content, and thus, it helps the researcher’s/students to avoid plagiarism. Citing also ensures that the reader of the article can locate the sources and thus have the capacity to search for more information. Purdue OWL provides access to the most basic formatting skills and styles, and thus, it is a reliable source. Purdue online writing lab also promotes responsible critical thinking, expression of diversity, and academic inquiry. The availability of a large number of sources ensures that the users have a variety of information. This ensures that they can critically think to determine the right information. Moreover, comparison among various sources leads to diversification and innovations.

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The site also serves to fulfill audience purposes. Some of the most basic audience purposes are to examine, access, quantity, judge, and evaluate a source, among other purposes. Since the audience is the recipients of the information, they usually need to evaluate the sources to determine their validity, relevance, and authenticity (Purdue Writing Lab). Purdue OWL, therefore, ensures that such questions which arise from the audience are fully answered.

The site has several features. The search bar is the most basic and simplest way of finding a page when exploring the site. Once the search OWL is clicked, it opens into a search where clients can type whatever information they want to obtain from the site. The collapsible navigation menu- which contracts and expands to show page links at various OWL levels- provides links to all the pages in the site (Purdue Writing Lab). The site section links are fixed on every page's top navigation bar. They ensure that the clients can easily navigate various pages of the site. The site map is also another feature of the site, which also displays links to all sites on the website. The research and citation link is also another important feature which is located inside the collapsible navigation menu. This feature ensures that clients have access to the most basic citation style guides.

The features in the Purdue OWL are essential to college students. For instance, the research and the citation feature can greatly benefit college students. All colleges require the students to format their works in the most basic style guides such as MLA and APA, among others. Moreover, students are also expected to include bibliographies. This feature, therefore, ensures that the students can learn basic formatting. The students also have access to legitimate and credible information (Purdue Writing Lab). This ensures the management of assignments and projects is eased. In most cases, due to the large amounts of information on the internet, it becomes difficult to determine the right sources to use for research writing.

I can use the site to improve my writing skills and develop professional academic writing. The site also fosters professional academic development by ensuring that correct sources and information are provided. This is also achieved through the training offered on the site. For instance, job writing skills are taught- where the respective researchers can attain basic professional skills such as the preparation of a job application, job search letters, and CVs.

I can also use the site as a guide to understanding basic writing rules. The site provides tutorials and lessons to enable the clients to develop their skills as writers. Under the tutor and resources section, the clients can learn various writing skills such as writing letters of recommendation, cover letters, resumes, and lab reports. Clients who are interested in learning grammar-associated skills can also be tutored. Skills of evading plagiarism are also taught. These skills ensure that Purdue clients/users consistently sharpen their skills and develop into expert writers.

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