Admission Essay - Free Example to Inspire You

Published: 2022-05-30
Admission Essay - Free Example to Inspire You
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Dear Academics Committee,

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I am writing to you this letter to appeal my rejection to join UCI as a TAG. I had applied as a chemistry major but denied the opportunity because I got a C in my Calculus II but with a score of 79.97%. However, I had all A's on my general chemistry 1 and chemistry 2. I am a high performer in my academic subjects, and I also did not anticipate failing to score an A in Calculus II. Through this writing, I hope you will reconsider your decision and allow me to join the institution as a TAG. I appreciate being given a chance to express my situation.

I acknowledge I had a tough time the previous semester, a situation that led to one of the core subjects registering a lower grade. However, I do not intend to use that as the reasons as to why I did not get a desirable score in Calculus I, but I willing and able to explain the possible circumstance that led to failing to score an A in Calculus. I knew very well that enrolling for more hours the previous semester needed dedicating more time, but I also needed pass to be on track with graduating in time. As such, I assumed I was better placed to navigate through the workload, except for the fact that we had severe domestic issues in the family which to a more significant extend I believe contributed to my failure to attain the required grade in Calculus. I am from a single-parented family, with two other siblings. For the better part towards the past semester, my mother was bedridden, and I was left to take full responsibility for my younger siblings. I, therefore, had to be both at home to take care of my brother and sister, as well as pay regular visits to the hospital to ensure that I attended to my mother's needs in hospital. The long drives form school at home and then to the hospital distracted my academic progress thus diverting the center on my academic work. I recognize that I failed to inform the Senate on the matter earlier. I thought I was responsible enough to handle all that I was going through both at home and school.

I love UCI University and will be more than happy graduating with academic excellence in my field of study, which could also make me motivate my young siblings to working hard and attaining the goals that I am about to set after graduating . I got admitted to all other UCs like UCSB, UCSD, and UC Riverside. However, I love UCI and would rather miss the other chances I have been offered in the institutions mentioned above and study here due to the high level of academic excellence associated with your school.

Given an opportunity to be a student in your institution, I will take it upon myself to prove that I can overcome the challenges I have been through and still achieve the best academically. I am an outstanding student who misfortunately happened to have been pushed by other factors leading to my past result. I hope you will reconsider your decision and admit me in your college. Thank you.



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