Free Esay: How Poverty Affects the Decline of Repeat Teen Pregnancy in Urban Areas

Published: 2019-09-02
Free Esay: How Poverty Affects the Decline of Repeat Teen Pregnancy in Urban Areas
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Teenage pregnancy has become of concern in today's world. Previous studies show that pregnancy rates among teenage dropped steadily between the years 1990 and 2005 ("Teen Pregnancy Prevention", 2016). Teenage pregnancy has been associated with negative effects on the adolescents. Examples of the effects are poverty, dropping out of school and the stigma faced by the individuals. Poverty is not only a cause of teenage pregnancy but also a consequence of teenage pregnancy. The purpose of this research and methodology is therefore to identify the objectives of this research and to give a justification of the methodology that will be used in the research. Additionally, this methodology will look at different sources of data collection, the methods used in the data collection and analysis of the data collected. The paper will involve the use of questionnaires in the collection of data and the use of interviews to gather information. This will ensure the papers objectives in determining how poverty contributes to the decline of repeated teenage pregnancies. The paper will also utilize the sampling method of data collection due to the difficulty in covering the whole population. This will aim at capturing a representation of the population under study. Analysis of data will involve different methods with the aim of identifying the truth that in how poverty results in a decline in the repeated teenage pregnancy. The impact of poverty will then be weighed if it is of advantage to the menace or if other means have to be sought as alternatives. The methodology will further give a clear view of how welcomed the idea of teenage pregnancy is within the society.

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To determine the effects of poverty on the repeated teenage pregnancy.

To determine the level of teenage pregnancy in the society.

To determine the factors that contribute to teenage pregnancy among adolescents.

Problem Justification

The research and methodology involved will be suitable and ultimately give the solutions to the problems that have been experienced with teenage pregnancy. Besides the decline in teenage pregnancy will be given a broader and more descriptive view for better understanding. Through appropriate methodologies, the significance of poverty will be analyzed as either positive or the alternatives to be taken decided.

Type of study

This methodology will ensure the research questions and the research design are all well connected. It will be based on both the qualitative and the quantitative data. This means I will utilize different methods in my data collection to enhance the accuracy of the study. Quantitative data will be useful in discovering the different behaviors that the adolescents engage in for their increased risk in the teenage pregnancy. Additionally, the research involves numerical data that can be transformed into the useful statistics. It is the best for giving the generalized opinions and will help in the representation of the whole population. The methods that will be used in the collection of this data are online surveys, paper surveys and the use of case studies to give opinions of past literature.

On the other hand, qualitative data will be useful in trying to find out why the adolescents get involved in the behaviors that will predispose them to teenage pregnancy. The qualitative data will be obtained from observation and interviews. The data will then be used to give an insight of the underlying facts of teenage pregnancy and further the ideas that individuals think can be helpful in avoiding its negative effects.

Data collection

The research will apply the questionnaires in the collection of data. Both the structured and the open-ended questionnaires will be administered to the respondents. The respondents will include the parents, business people, teenagers and any eligible member of the society. The data collected will dwell mainly on the social effects, economic effects and the psychological effects of the individuals on the teenage pregnancy. The data will also focus on the different ages, genders, education levels and financial status of the individuals.

The questionnaire will have to focus on the individual needs, and it will focus on the truthfulness and the personal understanding of the responses. Both the illiterate and the literate will be covered for to ensure effective collection of information. Structured questionnaires will be set in a way that the individuals have the option of giving their response based on the options given (League of Nations, 2000). Open-ended questionnaires will allow the respondent to fill the responses as they deem fit. The number of respondents for this research are 90 and from all groups of society.

The collection of data through interviews is also significant. For this research, I will organize the respondents into groups of 10 and ensure there is a one on one interaction with us. The respondents will be briefed on the subject of teenage pregnancy and later they are expected to give responses on their view on the effect of poverty on the decline of teenage pregnancy. This will give almost accurate information on the subject, and any clarification will be made clear.


This method entails gathering information from a large group of the population through recorded reports and observed behaviors. The method involves conducting through the use of questionnaires which are either in written form or through the telephone calls (Gideon, 2012). In this research the method is among the most convenience methods as a wide population will be covered therefore increasing the accuracy of the information provided. The use of a face to face questionnaire for this method is appropriate. This is because the trust and cooperation of the respondent are gained. Additionally in the case of any difficulty from the respondents, it would be easy for me offering them the direction to an easy understanding of the question.


The method is extensive and allows for a wider coverage of the population.

It is reliable as it involves a one on one with the respondent thus gauging the accuracy of information is enhanced.

Its price compared to the large population to be covered it appropriate.


There is rigidity as the questionnaire used can have limited space hence leaving out important information.

It is time-consuming as time has to be spent with each respondent.


This method of data collection requires the use of all senses by the researcher to examine people. The behavior and events in the area of the study are put into consideration. For this study, I will choose the participant type of observation. This is attributed to the fact that I have to study the effects of poverty on teenage pregnancy n the natural setting of the residents. Besides the topic on how poverty affects teenage pregnancy is not widely known therefore making this method most appropriate. The method will entail that I observe of the society as an insider.


The natural behavior of the respondents is achieved. This is unlike when a stranger observes and makes them uncomfortable.

The closeness of the group will ensure better interpretation of the teenage pregnancy.

More is learned about the practices of the community, and thus, significance of factors responsible for teenage pregnancy will be explored.


The researcher may lose objectivity by being very close to the respondents.

Increased chances of biased information from the researcher result from the close participation and emotions.

A limit of participation arises in cases where the researcher ought to observe criminals and prisoners.

Case Studies

This method is not actually a method of data collection. It focuses more on the researcher collecting previous research on the topic under study and aims at bringing an understanding of the subject. This is achieved through extensive research and gathering of information. This is a qualitative method that examines the real-life situations and interlinks the ideas from different authors to have an agreement (Green, 2011). I chose this method as I found the subject of teenage pregnancy as one that requires extensive research. Additionally, I found that having to incorporate opinions from different individuals as appropriate.


It allows collection of more detailed information that would be difficult in the collection by the other research methods.

Most case studies have incorporated case studies, and it becomes more accurate dealing with them.

The cases study allows form absence of large sample of the population for study.


Irrelevance of the data collected. This is because the data cannot be generalized to the whole population.

There is difficulty in giving conclusions on the causes of the results given in the case study.

Data Analysis

Once the data has been collected, it will be important analyzing it to give meaning. The use of software called the SPSS version 15.0 will be utilized. The software will ensure the data is cleaned, and later accuracy is enhanced to provide for reliable information. The issues on how poverty affects the teenage pregnancy will then be given a meaning and a solution for this given. Descriptive statistics will then be used to come up with frequencies. Furthermore, it will be important to use the Excel to analyze the data and come up with frequency tables, graphs, and charts. The data will then be subjected to the probit regression analysis (Ramsey & Schafer, 2002). The method will suit the study and give an insight into the effects of poverty on teenage pregnancy. The challenges faced by the individuals will also be addressed for solutions.

In conclusion, the combination of the different methods of data collection will see to it that the effects of poverty are addressed. The use of interviews, surveys, questionnaires, case studies and the observations form a backbone in the success of the research. Proper methods of analysis add value in giving a deeper understanding of the subject under study.


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